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UTX-United Technologies

UTX-United Technologies-Rockwell Collins

United Tech makes progress in Rockwell Collins talks: Report

(Reuters) – United Technologies Corp (UTX.N), owner of jet-engine maker Pratt & Whitney, has made progress in its talks to acquire aircraft component manufacturer Rockwell Collins Inc (COL.N) as it seeks to bulk up its aerospace business, a person familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

The two companies are close to agreeing on an acquisition price and could announce a deal as early as next week, said the source, who asked not to be identified because the negotiations are confidential. The person did not comment on a possible price. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Tuesday that the companies were discussing a per-share price for Rockwell Collins of $140 or less.

Rockwell shares were up 2 percent at $130.54 at midday on Tuesday, giving the company a market capitalization of around $21 billion. United Technologies shares were up 1.7 percent at $117.28.


Airline-equipment giant United Technologies is reportedly closing in on a more than $20 billion deal

Airplane-equipment giant United Technologies is closing in on a more than $20 billion buyout of competitor Rockwell Collins, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Discussions are reportedly ongoing, but negotiations have focused on a deal price of less than $140 per share for Rockwell, according to the Journal.

The company was trading up about 2% to $130 per share late Tuesday morning, giving it a marketcap of $21.7 billion. United Technologies, which does business with Boeing and Airbus, is up 1.2% and has a marketcap of more than $93 billion.


Reports that a United Technologies deal to buy Rockwell Collins could be imminent has helped send shares of both companies higher.

United Technologies ( UTX) is gaining significant traction as the session comes to a close. The stock’s very promising basing action near major support over the past two weeks is paying off in a big way. UTX has been well bid since the early going and will finish the day with an impressive 2.25% gain. Investors should consider the stock a low-risk buy in the near term.


UTX-United Technologies 8-30-17

UTX-United Technologies 8-30-17

Today's Trading Lesson

Accept Risk, Don’t Take Risk.

Traders who move a stop-loss never expected to need it.

They never expected to face a loss. If they did, they would simply exit the trade. If you learn to accept risk in exchange for the potential profit, you never hesitate. It’s the cost of doing business. What does it mean to accept risk?

It means before the trade you decide on a dollar amount you are willing to put in harm’s way. You adjust share size for volatility but you don’t change the risk amount. As you gain experience you can adjust risk based on the quality of the idea but in the beginning, you want this to be a hard rule.

There are so many moving parts, it’s easy to get seduced into the action. The action is what we crave, but it’s patience that pays the bills. We need day trading rules because we can’t predict the market. You may think you can, but trust me, you can’t. Nobody can. What you can do however, is know exactly what you are going to do.

This is where the money is. The more specific your rules, the more consistent your P&L will be. Take that to the bank.

On the Tape Today | 8-30-17

NEM Newmont Mining Corp 8-30-17

NEM Newmont Mining Corp 8-30-17

NEM Newmont Mining Corp declined after tensions with N Korea seem to have taken a breather. I still like the long on the breakout. Game planning a $38.25 buy stop for a new swing trade. The target to sell comes in at $41.75. Stop loss on a close below $37


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SPY ETF Chart 8-30-17


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Stocks to Trade | Wednesday Edition 8-30-17


Bullish Momentum: JUNO, HTZ, UTX, CAR, WB, AA, SHOP, TSLA

Bearish Momentum: bby, rdfn, lulu, hain



Bearish Order Flow: dks, fl, pxd, apa, lb, aap, hp, hes, cah, eog, aal, apc, nke, etn, cof, luv, ual, khc, dal, mdt

Double Normal Volume: BBBY, JUNO, UTX, HAIN

Inside Days: gild. nem, symc, hal, nbl, hrb, mcd, pgr, pep, mur, amgn

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