Twitter Inc TWTR Earnings Report 2-7-19

TWTR Twitter Inc Stock Chart 2-7-19 Before Earnings

TWTR Twitter Inc Stock Chart 2-7-19 Before Earnings

Twitter earnings: Will investors forgive increased spending?

Major internet companies are doling out money to curb harassment and misinformation, and the reaction has been mixed. The social-media spending spree continues, with Twitter Inc. waiting in the wings.

Like other top internet names, Twitter TWTR, +3.04% has had to ramp up spending on safety and security to address the key concerns about its service. But investor reaction to tech’s big-spending ways has been mixed this quarter…

Thursday morning’s fourth-quarter earnings report will show whether investors see Twitter as more of a Facebook or an Alphabet.

Twitter Is Trading in a Buy Zone Pre-Earnings

As Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) reports earnings before the opening bell on Thursday it is poised for an upside breakout. The stock is above my monthly value at $32.24 after nearly testing its quarterly risky level at $35.33 Wednesday.

This is the buy zone where the stock should be bought pre-earnings. A breakout above my $35.33 sets the stage for a rally to my annual risky level at $48.99.

How Successful Traders Think

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Fed’s Powell reveals what he thinks is the biggest challenge over the next decade

Sluggish productivity and widening wealth gap are the biggest challenges facing the U.S. over the next
decade, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday.

Day Trade Adjustments for Volatility

How do you determine share size per trade? Is it documented in a written trading plan?

Day trade and risk go together, it’s tough to say one without the other.

The problem for most new day traders is they never learn to adjust risk with volatility. A $500 risk is not the same in every stock or from day-to-day.

Stocks have different volatility, known as average true range. This is the amount price action fluctuates from high to low (on average). New traders should assess risk tolerance, capital and decision making ability and coordinate these resources with volatility.

The truth is, new day traders can’t handle faster, wider movements. They have not learned to make good decisions yet. They don’t have enough experience.


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