TSLA-Tesla Crash Report Hits Stock Price 7 Percent | 7-6-17

Tesla Model 3 Crash Test Report

Tesla Model 3 Crash Test

Tesla responds to newly released Model S crash-test rating

Tesla is pushing back on a crash-test agency’s findings on the company’s best-selling car, the Model S. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced Wednesday night that the Model S earned an “acceptable” rating, the second-best designation, in a test designed to simulate an offset frontal collision at 40 mph.

The IIHS said that, during the test, the Model S’s seat belt did not prevent the driver’s head from hitting the steering wheel hard through the deployed air bag. A Tesla spokesperson disputed the IIHS’ findings in an emailed statement to Business Insider on Wednesday night […]


Tesla shares dive 7 percent; still above analysts’ target price

Tesla Inc shares slid more than 7 percent on Wednesday, their biggest percentage decline in more than a year, on poorer-than-expected delivery numbers, yet the luxury electric carmaker’s stock price remained above analysts’ median target. Silicon Valley-based Tesla overtook General Motors in April to become the U.S. carmaker with the largest market capitalization.

On Wednesday, its shares fell 7.2 percent to $327.09, its lowest in more than a month. Its biggest daily percentage fall since June 22, 2016, followed a 2.5 percent decline on Monday, when first-half deliveries of Tesla electric sedans and SUVs came in the lower end of its forecast.


We Should All Thank Goldman Sachs for Saying Tesla’s Stock Is Going to Crash

Bless you Goldman Sachs for finally calling a spade a spade on Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) . After Tesla showed that it doesn’t deserve the trust of investors by doing a data dump on July 3 evening (see below tweet…), Goldman Sachs is out with a note Wednesday that needed to be written three months ago.

As TheStreet reported, Goldman Sachs Analyst David Tamberrino reiterated a “sell” rating for Tesla, citing slowing sales growth of the company’s electric cars currently on the market. Tamberrino lowered his six-month price target to $180 from $190, which is 49% downside from Monday’s close.


TSLA-Tesla Inc Stock Chart 7-6-17

TSLA-Tesla Inc Stock Chart 7-6-17

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On the Tape Today | 7-6-17

LULU-Lululemon Stock Chart 7-6-17

LULU-Lululemon Stock Chart 7-6-17

LULU-Lululemon pausing nicely after solid momentum, which included a bullish gap. There actually 2 play here, depending on how the general stock market plays out from the consolidation. The first is a $60.50 buy stop (With a stop loss on a close below $58).

The second, if the market sees some selling is a $57 limit order (with a stop loss on a close below $56). The ultimate target for the new long is $67.50. Be patient for the entry, don't jump the gun or the risk/reward won't make sense.

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SPY ETF 60 Minute Chart 7-6-17

SPY ETF 60 Minute Chart 7-6-17

Stock Trading Today

Well… the stock market has coiled into a consolidation within a consolidation.

The SPY ETF traded 14 percent lower than the average volume yesterday. This stinks right? No. It means a big move is coming. If you’re never been an entrepreneur, now is the time to realize you are. Trading is a business and very few businesses are busy all the time.

The more the stock market coils the more an increase in volatility is likely. Maybe the idiots in North Korea will be the catalyst. I hope not, but the story is real. Not calling a bottom yet, but oil and gas stocks are not trading with the same bearish momentum as the previous 6 months. Not making new lows with the same ferocity.

I have called out the financial stocks showing bullish breakouts, GS and JPM knocking on the door. Tough call on the NASDAQ with a few stocks dominating the indices.

Long-term bias still clearly bullish. Short-term momentum a screaming neutral. Scroll down and find stocks to trade and don’t sway from your list. Tough to find new ideas after the market opens in a tight market like this. Stick to your premarket game plan or let it go.

Stock Market Today: Sector Performance

Stock Performance by Sector on 7-5-17 by finfiz.com

Stock Performance by Sector on 7-5-17 by finfiz.com

Stocks to Trade | 7-6-17 Thursday Edition


Bullish Momentum: RH, PYPL, ALXN, BABA

Bearish Momentum: tsla, cara, tsco, trgp, rspp, dltr



Bearish Order Flow: nfx, dvn, clr, hes, tsco, trgp, rspp, apc, hal, slb, rost, bbby, tgt, khc, fl, tgt, tjx

Double Normal Volume: OKE, TSLA, FL, CARA, EQT, CRZO

Inside Day: ge, msft, nvda, c, orcl, fb, gm, v, wmt, cf, cvx, met, aa, ma, jci, ibm, avgo, gs, lvs, adbr, xlnx, ua, utx,


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