Trading Setbacks-How to Deal With Adversity and Succeed


Today’s Trading Lesson…

Day traders tend to take the credit and give blame for success or failure.

I should know. I mastered this skill early in my trading career. When I earn money it was because of my hard work and my brilliance. When I lost money it was because of a bad fill, a slow computer, an unexpected news story, bad quotes or a slow market.

If you want trading to be your career, your business, you need the truth.

Your success or failure is 100% your responsibility. You landlord or bank doesn’t care when it comes time to pay the rent or the mortgage. “It was a slow month won’t get sympathy.”

Trading will always have ups and downs, slow days, busy days and computer issues and Brexit and Greece and elections. If we want the financial freedom, we are paid to deal with it. Paid to plan for it.

We didn’t become traders to punch a clock 9-5. But that’s a good thing because we’re different.

Understand right here, right now ALL TRADERS go through a learning curve, all traders have ups and downs. It’s not just you.

I’m here to tell you- you can do this, but you need to be honest and you need to deal with adversity. Be honest about your resources and skills. Then create a trading plan that gives you a chance to win.

Deal with adversity like a professional. Read Think and Grow Rich. Trust me it will help.

Have a great day.


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