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Stocks to trade in nickels again…

Tick Size Pilot Data Collection Securities Files

FINRA wants to appease us. This is a load of BS because too much money is earned with high  frequency trading. There is no way this is anything more than a show. FINRA produces a Pilot Securities Daily List each day, identifying the securities included in the Tick Size Pilot, and the pilot group for each security.

See which stocks will begin trading in nickels and when: READ MORE — >>


PRESENTING: The most important charts in the world from the brightest minds on Wall Street

Once again, we’ve asked some of the sharpest strategists, economists, and reporters for one chart that’s at the top of their minds right now.

We asked for a chart that reflects something that concerns them in markets and the economy right now. Or, for something that shows a trend they think everyone should be paying more attention to.



Elon Musk to detail plans for colonizing Mars

Elon Musk has talked a lot about going to Mars. Now he wants to colonize it.

Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, will speak Tuesday about the technical challenges that industry, government and science need to solve to establish a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars.



How’s Nike’s Strike Ahead Of Q1 Earnings? Goldman Cheers ‘Goal!’

With Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) scheduled to report its Q1:17 results on September 27, Goldman Sachs’ Lindsay Drucker Mann noted that channel check indicated “a mixed setup into the quarter.”

Mann maintains a Buy rating on the company with a price target of $66.
Firming Retail Trends

The analyst mentioned that U.S. retail trends had been stabilizing following the liquidations of The Sports Authority (TSA), and that a soft U.S. retail environment had been one of the concerns during the TSA bankruptcy and subsequent product liquidations.



What To Expect When Nike Reports Q1 2017 On Tuesday

Athletic-apparel powerhouse Nike (NKE) reports earnings and revenue results for the first quarter of its new fiscal year on Tuesday. Here’s a peek at what to expect.

Wall Street is anticipating Nike’s Q1 earnings to decline 16% to 56 cents a share, in what would be its first decline in four years, on 5.5% revenue growth to $8.88 billion.

Shares are trading below the key 50-day moving average after losing support at the line on Sept. 8. The stock has only popped up above its 200-day line for a few brief sessions since breaking support in April.



Stocks To Watch: Are Apple, Facebook, Alphabet Still Buys?

Three tech giants are stocks to watch this week as Apple (AAPL) remains in buy range while Facebook and Google owner Alphabet struggle to stay within their buy zones.



Trade Desk Soars On First Trading Day, Fueling IPO Fire 

Digital ad technology company Trade Desk (TTD) on Wednesday added more fuel to the resurgent market for initial public offerings with a strong opening in its stock market debut.

Late Tuesday, Trade Desk priced 4.66 million shares at 18 a pop, raising $84 million. Shares priced at the high end of its 16-18 range, which had been hiked from 14-16 as investor demand swelled. Trade Desk opened at 28.75 and ended the day up more than 67% to 30.10 on the stock market today.



Maybe Yellen should run for president! Markets love her

She might get a bunch of votes from Wall Street traders.

The Nasdaq hit a new all-time high on Thursday. And the Dow and S&P 500 both moved into positive territory for the month, an impressive feat given that September is historically the worst month of the year for stocks.



Rogue trader’s fine to Societe Generale cut by 99.98% 

Jérôme Kerviel just caught a break.

He’s the infamous rogue trader who racked up one of the biggest losses in history at the bank Societe Generale (SCGLY) in 2008, and he just saw his 4.9 billion euro fine (billion with a ‘B’) slashed to a mere 1 million euros.

In short, his fine was reduced by 99.98% by a French civil court on Friday.



 Does It Really Matter If Trump Or Clinton Wins? A Recession Is Already On The Horizon

There are always two sides to the argument, especially in economics and politics.

Consider for a moment the likelihood that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will assume the presidency at a time of record stimulus measures, not only from the U.S. Federal Reserve but from central banks across the world. Does this really backstop or prevent any threat to the economy?

Sven Henrich,’s founder, was a guest on CNBC on Friday and offered the opposing side of the story.



100 million? Ratings expectations for first Trump-Clinton debate are sky high

The first presidential debate of 2012 averaged 67 million viewers. Experts believe the first debate this year will beat that number.

Exactly how high? A debate topping the 100 million viewer mark is unlikely — but not inconceivable.

Television networks stand to make millions of dollars from the ads that run before and after the debate. The ratings matter for political reasons as well: Any surprising victory or embarrassing performance by a candidate will be magnified by the sky-high audience size.




Finally: An Honest Portrayal of Entrepreneurship 

A groundbreaking new documentary reveals the unsexy and uncertain path to launch a business. With young Americans starting companies at multi-decade lows, it’s a call to action we can’t ignore.

The feature documentary Generation Startup premiered last week. Co-directed by Academy Award Winner Cynthia Wade and Cheryl Houser, the documentary follows six Venture for America Fellows and alumni for two years as they attempt to build businesses in Detroit. It’s the finest movie about entrepreneurship I’ve ever seen. I believe it will touch and inspire countless people in the months to come.

And like most movies, it very nearly never happened.



35 Killer Quotes From the Stars of Shark Tank 

Need some inspiration? These lessons from the sharks will motivate you.

Over the past seven years, the savvy moguls at the helm of ABC’s Shark Tank — Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary — have heard countless pitches and offered more than $66 million to help aspiring entrepreneurs around the country turn their visions into reality.



Why Einstein was obsessed with this unsettling vision

How did the image of a man falling to his death help us uncover some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in physics? Columbia University’s theoretical physicist Brian Greene shares how this morbid concept would go on to become what Albert Einstein called the happiest thought of his life.


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