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Why do Some Traders Always Seem to Make Money?

Imagine expecting to make money…

This week or this month, you fully expect to earn a trading income. And next month too.

Not because the market gives us a gift. Not because you get lucky.

But because you know what you’re doing. Because you know how to make money.

Because you know what to do, regardless of what the market does. No gimmicks, no secrets, no hoping. You simply understand how to make money, and you’re ready to execute.

The best traders expect to make money. The best traders have a plan. The plan tells them exactly what to do, before the market opens. These traders exude confidence.

Struggling traders hesitate. Struggling traders react. Struggling traders always feel close, but never achieve financial stability.

Which trader are you?

How I Can Help You

The system you are about to discover transformed the careers of thousands of traders.

Once understood, you see that profitable trading is boring. Not stressful, not frustrating, not overwhelming, but boring. Profitable, but boring.

This process includes my personal sixteen years as a proprietary trader, and as owner of two trading firms in NYC. The lessons on momentum, taught to me by a top NASDAQ market maker, and insights into institutional order flow by 25 specialists from the floor of the NYSE.

You won’t find this unique blend of experience anywhere. No book, no other training program. I’ve taught this method of order flow to traders in five countries.

How to Trade With Consistency

What if you could see your next trade, before it happens?

How would this affect your decisions? How would this make you feel?

The best traders have this vision, and you can too. This process begins by eliminating one side of the market. By focusing your resources on your edge.

A seven-figure trader once told me “If I have a long bias, and my stock traded five dollars lower, I bought the one dollars bounces.”

This extreme example sounds ludicrous but the point is clear. To trade with consistency requires an edge. An edge you believe in. My edge is order flow.

Consistency begins with clarity. Knowing exactly what to do, becomes your top priority.

I struggled with boom and bust trading too. The inconsistency vanished when I planned my trades in advance.

You may exit winners too soon. You may hold losers too long. You may feel your stop-loss always get hit. You may think these problems need solving.

They don’t. They are symptoms of the real problem.

If these symptoms sound familiar, the consequences stem from your trading plan. You either don’t have one, or it’s poorly written.

You have those “problems” because you’re missing a process. Get the process, the problems go away.

If you’re ready to kick your trading up a few levels (where the money is plentiful and less stressful)… then it’s time to organize your resources and learn about order flow.

It’s time you learned the same trading system I taught to my prop traders.

Could You Profitably Trade One Million Dollars?

From 2000 through 2012 I managed professional traders.This means I allocated buying power and controlled risk for hundreds of traders, while trading full-time for myself.

Each morning my traders asked (pleaded) for more leverage. My answer never changed; “Prove you can manage risk, prove you can hold your winners.”

Prove you had a plan. Prove you could follow it. You received more buying power.Trading success comes from your plan, not from the market. Your plan is repeatable. What happens in the market is not. A belief in order flow gives you conviction.

Imagine decisions instead of reactions. If you’re struggling you’re reacting.

I allocated millions in buying power. I bet on preparation over feelings. You should do the same. Imagine trading one millions dollars. You earn 50% of the profits, but you owe 100% of the losses. Would you accept?

If you visualized the losses, your trading strategy needs work. Before we move forward let’s discuss your strategy. Do you have one? Is it documented and repeatable?

You may not have a trading plan or a strategy, because it's hard work.

Let's answer a simple question: “Which is harder; consistently losing money, or committing seven days to organize your resources?” Yes that’s right. A trading plan is nothing more than organizing your resources, with a strategy.

When we work together, we organize your resources, with order flow, with your skills, with the market.

We look for order flow, then look for opportunities-- that match your resources. Simple --but you need to get organized. If you’re ready, I can help.

A Lesson in Order Flow

In 16 years of trading, I've never seen anything more powerful, or simple, than order flow. Spotting and trading with the big money-the institutions, makes trading easier.

The more distinctions you make, the more trading opportunities you will see. The biggest trading challenge I see in our coaching calls center around one topic.

Most stock traders understand entries, profit targets and the stop-loss. But the problem stumping these smart traders, always come back to probability.

Answering the question "What are the odds of this trade making money?"

Better ideas make better traders. When you understand order flow, you see better ideas. These examples illustrate my point:

$NFLX traded in a box for months, then exploded on earnings. This trade show us momentum. Two days of momentum. That’s it, only two days. Prior to the news the stock was stuck.


$KORS offered a similar situation. Looks exciting, but again, short-term momentum. Scant evidence buyers are building a position. Very little commitment.

Yes, it’s a trade idea, but would you accept risk with confidence?


$MA a different story here.Buyers hold a grip since July. No doubt in your mind who controls this stock.Sure some weeks paused, but you can visualize money committed to this stock.

This $MA chart shows you clarity. Seek to trade this clarity. The $KORS chart only showed a couple of day’s worth of momentum. A couple of days gives you a reasonable idea.

​You want to trade incredible ideas. Not reasonable ideas. 

 Order flow gives you great ideas.  Order flow shows you what the institutions are doing, and the profit potential for the trading idea.


Order Flow Shows You How to Follow the Institutions.

Tape Reading shows you how to track order flow. Join me for 4 weeks and discover this 93 year old secret called order flow.

Trading Mastery

trading mastery

 New 4 Week Coaching Program

 Order Flow Changes Everything...

stock trading mentor

Coaching Call Preview

Great trading starts with great ideas...

It's time to fulfill your full trading potential. Join me on a four week journey and finally understand how to earn a dependable living as a trader.​ Order flow is the key behind every six-figure trader.

If you're tired of the struggle, learn how to track and follow the institutions. Get an insider view of how top traders manage leverage and expect to earn money.

Four Weeks | Three Experiences

Learn the Strategy | Trade & Get Feedback | Pursue Mastery

Trading Mastery Course

Live Coaching Review

Live Podcast Q&A

Trading Mastery Course:

Core Knowledge and Skills: How to set goals, gain experience and fully understand how to make a living as an active trader.

Order flow, tape reading and momentum are the core of the Active Trading Masters Program. Great trading begins with high-probability ideas. Trade management, mindset and money management round out the training.

You get my 16 years experience as a successful prop trader in NYC, my experience teaching trading around the world, lessons learned from former NYSE specialists and NASDAQ market makers, are all baked into the course.

But the most valuable part of the training are the stories from managing thousands of traders from 2001-2012. You can't put a price tag the stories of struggle and success. How to prepare for common obstacles that hold traders back and how to scale small wins into a six-figure income.

Live Coaching Review Sessions:

Learning what to look at, and learning how to trade, are entirely different activities. Our Live Reviews sessions give clarity to your decision making skills. 

The more you notice, the greater your opportunities to make money. Our core objectives focus on your unique obstacles and problems in pursuit of mastery and consistency. Your only responsibility is to bring your questions. Our motto is "no questions left unanswered." Each review session lasts as long as questions remain. Two or three hour sessions seem like ten minutes when we are all learning from each other.

Live Podcast | Ask Me Anything Q&A:

Ask Me Anything sessions focus on strategy, tactics and the mindset in pursuit of a dependable six-figure income.

Imagine a radio talk-show focused on your trading success, and you have the programming agenda of the AMA coaching calls. We promise a healthy dose of weekly motivation too!!

Facebook | Order Flow Coaching Group


One of the biggest roadblocks for traders is working in isolation. Our new Facebook community eliminates this challenge and puts you in touch with other like minded traders.

The community will focus on Order Flow, Tape Reading and applying these strategies in pursuit of six-figures and more. We stress healthy, instructive conversations about the correct application of our trading ideas. 

Masters Course Modules Plus Bonus Content

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Module One Lessons:

Core Knowledge and Skills: How to set goals, gain experience and fully understand how to make a living as an active trader.

Setting the Proper Goals from the Start: How to set aggressive long-term goals, short-term objectives & overcome the main challenges at this stage.

How to Overcome Obstacles and Challenges: Get clarity on the obstacles you will face and how to confidently overcome these potential threats to your trading account.

Professionals and Probabilities: How prop traders define probabilities, risk and leverage. Understand when to trade bigger and how to reduce risk.

Candlestick Essentials: Find the best pause and the best push. A deep-dive into candlestick analysis and how to identify the low risk entry points and profitable institutional momentum.

Next Class Begin Monday January 30, 2017 

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