Active Trading Masters Program and Bonus Coaching Calls.

Learn the Difference Between Chart Reading and Order Flow.

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Trading Mastery Includes:

Five Modules- Almost twenty fours hours of video training. The training progresses from goal setting, to overcoming obstacles, to producing a daily game plan. Everything you need to pursue a six-figure trading income. Lifetime access to the course is included!

Four Live Review Sessions- Wednesday review sessions. Each session includes a review of the current training module and any trade scenarios you would like to discuss and review. Review sessions do not have a time limit. As long as there are questions, the meeting will remain open.

Four Live Q&A Sessions- Friday "AMA" sessions. Each "Ask Me Anything" session focuses on trading strategies and tactics. AMA sessions do not have a time limit. As long as there are questions, the meeting will remain open. These tele-calls will be recorded. Each student receives a download of the session in the member area.. Since these are audio calls, there will be no education regarding individual trading ideas.

Audio Download of the entire 24 program. Take your most important lessons with you on your commute or to the gym.

Course Manual: Each module includes the course manual delivered as a digital download. This enables you to take notes directly into each video section. This will dramatically improve your retention and improve your speed to implementation.

Bonus Training and Coaching Calls: You receive access to the Game Plan Video Library. Six hours covering six pre market game plan sessions. A perfect template to craft your own daily game plan. 

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  • Module 5
  • Bonus Content

Module Four:

Organizing your trading strategy is the key to conviction. From order flow, to strategy, to trading plan to game plan. This is how you expect to make money. The fours steps that produce six-figure trading.

Construct a trading plan that perfectly matched your resources. You have unique goals, experience, let's put together a road map that guides you each day. Leave guessing to the amateurs. Know exactly what you plan to do, before it happens.

The Keys to the Kingdom: Within your new trading plan are two crucial sections-money management and risk management. Learn how to choose the proper risk that matches your goals. Learn how to manage money like a professional for the greatest ROI possible.

Preparing Your Game Plan: Each day there is a perfect list of stocks waiting for you to trade them. Your game plan is your homework, and your homework is where the money is. The most exciting part of trading is finding and then trading high-probability ideas.

Pursuing Mastery: Assessing probabilities is a skill. Each trade has different odds of success. Probability for profit varies, learn to recognize the winners and avoid those with small odds of earning money. This skill instantly puts you in a better position to reach six-figures. 

Trading Journal Success: What to Write Each Day.

Discover the Correct Way to Trade Stocks

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Sixteen Years of Proprietary Trading Experience

Everyone has a learning curve.

What if you cut your learning time by 200%? Take my experience and get through the learning curve at breakthrough speed by setting the correct goals and seeing common obstacles before they occur.

Take my experience and earn while you learn. Make your trading pay for the training.
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Order Flow Secrets | Learn How to Read the Tape for Maximum Profits

Chart reading is not trading. Most traders never figure this out until it's too late. Don't be a statistic and learn how to read the tape. Institutional order flow is the power that moves the market. Rediscover the system used for over 93 years to interpret the big money commitments.

Order Flow and Saturation Points produce the most consistent flow of powerful trading ideas with the highest risk-reward and probability for profits. 
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How to Make Money 

Placing a trade is easy. Making money takes skill.

Since 2003 I have managed, coached or mentored thousands of traders- after millions of executions, the greatest gift I can give you is trade management strategies.

What happens between entry and exit is the secret sauce to earning six-figures. Don't make the mistake of spending hours reading hundreds of charts per day. The money you want is in the adjustments.

Learn how professional traders use each trade to test their edge. Then see how this leads to scaling your leverage and profits. Don't get caught in a chart reading loop.
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How to Convert Your Strategy into a Daily Game Plan 

Massive profitability happens because you are ready. Each of us comes to trading with different resources and goals. See how I help prop traders develop an edge that matches their unique experience. Then, watch me convert that strategy into a daily list of stocks with a high-probability to earn money.

Trading consistency comes from your trading plan and your game plan. Not from the market.
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How to Win | Advice from Seven-Figure Traders

Two traders began one year ago. One is earning $12,000/month. The other is working a night job driving a limo. What made the difference?

Professional traders think differently. Winning traders control emotions but are supremely confident. Profitable traders attack opportunity and are never satisfied.

Download these audios. Press play over-and-over until you feel and act like a pro. Success starts and ends here.

By this point in the program, you will expect to earn money. Because now, you understand how.