Trading Game Plan Meetings | Marian Boyle | Pete Renzulli

We are excited to announce the launch of our Trading Game Plan Meetings.

Converting your trading strategy, into a daily game plan of stocks to trade, is one of the most challenging aspects of trading.

In this intro video we discuss:

  • How to organize your game plan work flow.
  • How to find economic number and earnings for the day.
  • The unique insights by Marian Boyle in her daily blog post.
  • Examples of how news can affect a traders game plan. Pete Renzulli shows the day’s he doesn’t trade and why.
  • How to balance liquidity, risk and opportunity.
  • Scanning considerations when looking for new ideas.


Guide to the Trading Game Plan Meetings

This guide will help you develop a game plan, at the very least it will give you criteria, and what to expect.

[click the picture to download]

trading game plan meetings

Click here to start your 14 day trial.

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