Trading Essentials Course

Free Trader Training | 7-Part Video Series

A New Program That Shows You How to Spot the Institutions.

Video One

Lesson #1: My Number One Belief After 16 Years of Trading

Duration: 11:33

How smart traders eliminate the fear of losing, and trade with conviction.

Video Two

Lesson #2: Foundations in Order Flow

Duration: 23:37

Key trading concepts that tilt risk/reward in your favor.

Video Three

Lesson #3: Defining Your Edge

Duration: 25:33

How to outline a daily action plan that outlines what to do before the market opens.

Video Four

Lesson #4: The Institutions | An Introduction to Order Flow

Duration: 21:45

How to track the big money so you can follow their commitments.

Video Five

Lesson #5: Risk/Reward Scenarios

Duration: 23:27

A simple checklist to reduce risk & assess profit potential by tracking institutional order flow.

Video Six

Lesson #6: Stocks to Trade

Duration: 15:38

The complete guide, and exact criteria I use to create a daily game plan. Plus how to build a "house list."

Video Seven

Lesson #7: Professional Exit Strategies and A Guide to Short-Selling.

Duration: 16:05

Learn to place the correct type of order. (Why I rarely place market orders)

How to exit winners using my profit ATR strategy, plus three additional exit strategies that help reduce or avoid the big losers.

How short-selling works and how to spot the institutions unloading stocks during the "mark-down" phase of price action.