Trading Education Weekend Edition 9-3-16

If you are setting ambitious trading goals for 2016, today’s trading education provides strategies, tactics and stories that show you how to succeed.

Are you trading for more than 6 months and still struggling? You are most likely putting too much pressure on yourself to produce day-by-day and setting daily goals.

Today’s video will show you why that is the wrong path, and how to free yourself from this exhausting battle.

The continuing education is focused on solving your top trading challenges, and how to set the correct goals that make it easier to bring home consistent cash flow.

How to Speed up Your Trading Success

When I started trading in 2000 I was taught to find a good trade and get size. “It’s better to have one big position…”

I believed it, the guy sounded smart and he was persuasive.

It’s bullshit. Here’s why-



Trading Mindset The Winning Edge

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