Trading Education Video | Breakthrough Trading Webcast June 24

Enjoy today’s first episode of Breakthrough Trading Live. This week’s show is just over an hour…

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Here are some of top questions from the Q&A:

  • How to eliminate one big, bad trade that ruins your week.
  • How to address the feeling you don’t have the freedom or capital to trade bigger.
  • Why is it so difficult to find a trading style that resonates with your personality.
  • How to eliminate impulsive trades and be more patient.
  • How to improve trade management psychology with your entries and exits.
  • Why some traders find it hard to stick to their plan (if they even have one).
  • How to handle the fear of a trade going against you and the anger of when it goes as you expected.
  • Knowing when a trade adjustment should be made.
  • How to structure a viable trading plan with so much available information.
  • Is level 2 still relevant today?
  • How to have better emotional control.

Trading Education Video Replay:

June 24 | Breakthrough Trading Live Webcast

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Daniel Reply

It was a great webinar.
Marian, I will follow your advice to read a good book while keeping an eye on the market, instead of making trades by impatience.
Pete, I will follow your advice to know in one’s mind what an awesome trade is, so as to know what a not awesome trade is.
What you are doing is awesome.

    Pete Renzulli Reply

    thank you Daniel!

      Daniel Reply

      Quote unquote: “You have to know in your mind what awesome looks like, so that you know what everything not awesome looks like”.

        Pete Renzulli Reply

        You can’t avoid a bad trade if you don’t know what a great trade looks like!

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