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July 8, 2015 | Trading Education Webcast

***Please scroll down to see the topics discussed in the webcast and feel free to leave your questions or comments below.

Here are some of top questions from the Q&A:

  • Why trading with consistency is so hard to achieve and how to make it happen for you. ** By far the most popular frustration from the attendees.
  • How to overcome frustration, when volatility is low and few trading opportunities emerge.
  • How to reduce over-trading. Secrets to be patient for quality setups when you are anxious to place another trade.
  • The reason inexperienced traders find it frustrating to lose money but veteran traders don’t.
  • How to get unshakable faith in your trading system.
  • Dealing and working with emotions that arise during trading that can negatively affect decision making and how to address self-sabotage.
  • Why you don’t follow your plan and how that translates into unreliable P&L. We discuss how to generate profitable trade ideas and how to identify the right stocks to trade.
  • Knowing who to trust or listen to, when choosing a guide for your trading education.
  • How to trade with certainty and how to accept risk without hesitating.
  • How the pros develop faith in their ability and how you can quickly accomplish the same.
  • Overcome your inability to think and act the way a consistently successful trader does.
  • How to transition from an active and profitable earnings season to a slower trading pace with fewer opportunities. This discussion deals with how to monetize being more selective.

Finally we discuss a trader who wants to increase his exposure to the best trading opportunities in global markets but has limited time and resources. I think our answer will surprise you…

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