Trading – Why Do It?

Trading Education Let’s head in a different direction this post. We can talk about technical analysis, trading plans and setups until the cows come home, but in the end why do we do it. Why do we trade?

Taking that to another level for myself; Trader Education – Why do it?

I’m blessed to have an easy answer for this!

To teach profitable trading principals to those who desire to be profitable traders.

See, I have a passion for trading and anyone else can understand the excitement and inspiration you get form sharing trading ideas and experiences. I enjoy this and it just so happens the information is useful to those learning what it takes to make money trading.

It’s as simple as that, but still vitally important. We constantly focus on what we’re doing, but we often forget why we are doing it. Some traders don’t even have a clear why when asked why they are trading.

I recently read a book called Start With Why. It wasn’t about trading, but it was about why successfully companies are just that, successful. Which in turn makes it about trading as trading should be treated as your business and trading profitably is a measure of success.

So ask yourself, why am I trading? Or for those who are want to start trading, ask, why do I want to trade?

MONEY is the easy answer for everyone, but that’s not an inspiring WHY.

I can tell you exactly why I started trading years ago.

To have the freedom, ability and resources to spend time with my family in whatever fashion I desire.

That was my clear why.  Now is money a factor in that, yes it is…that would be a tangible example of “resources” but money is the what, not the why of why I trade.

You may have noticed at the end of each post I have the tagline “Victory Loves Preparation”.  That statement fits directly into my why. By me teaching trading principles, traders who desire to be profitable that implement this knowledge are now more prepared to trade profitably.

If this describes you than take part in the Active Trading Blueprint.  In this course I go step by step on building a complete trading plan, finding a strategy that suits you and how to be prepare for the opening bell each trading day.

“Victory Loves Preparation” is congruent with my WHY.

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ScaredyCatGuide was borne from my own experience and growth as an investor. All of these lessons I now share here with you. Shake that inner scaredy cat holding you back from your financial goals! Come take this journey toward a better financial life. Your scaredycatguide, Mitchell Jaworski

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Daniel Reply

Thank you. The “why” I trade is to have 100% freedom to take 100% responsibility for my life. Victory Loves Preparation is an awesome statement!

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