Top 5 Trading Podcast Downloads January 2016

Trading Podcast Downloads

January 2016 was an amazing month for traders.

You were in one of two camps: it was awesome, or awesomely frustrating.

The following trading podcasts downloads, are ranked from the number one, down to number five for the month of January 2016.

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Stock Trading Goals and Challenges for 2016
If you are setting ambitious trading goals for 2016, this episode provides strategies, tactics and stories that show you how to succeed.

Download this Podcast and Set Big Goals for 2016

Powerful Trading Lessons During Extreme Volatility
Experienced day traders were in heaven, volatility was expanding, but more important, stocks traded in an obvious direction.

For clueless bottom-fishers, the stock market was an exhausting 2 weeks. Learn why.

Download this Podcast and See How to Trade Volatility

How Institutions Move the Stock Market
If there is buying pressure in a stock, let’s call that buyer the institutions.

When the stock pulls back; is the institution who created that uptrend with demand, simply letting up on the buying pressure to allow the pullback to happen?

Download this Podcast and Learn How Big Money Moves Markets

Steps to Become a Professional Trader
This episode is for serious traders who paid their dues and are ready to create wealth…

The steps to become a professional trader are easy to find. The challenge, is finding someone who can show you how to apply them.

Today I’d like to join you in that journey.

Download this Podcast and See What it Takes to be a Pro Trader

How to Believe You can Make Money Trading
This mindset shift makes it easier to do what we’re supposed to do, in order to earn a consistent six-figures and beyond.

Download this Podcast for Motivation

Trading Podcast Downloads

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