New Tony Robbins Quotes for Success

Tony Robbins Quotes Have Stood the Test of Time

Why is Tony Robbins as fresh and relevant today, as his first infomercial over 30 years ago?

Is it his passion? His size? Or the message?

tony robbins quotesWhat is it about his ideas that convince you to wake up and take control of your life?

The answer, in my opinion, is transformation. We want to believe there is a better version of ourselves.

Tony Robbins makes you believe. He inspires you take the first step.

In a terrific article by Will Yakowicz “Tony Robbins’s Advice for Unstoppable Success” he covers Tony’s thoughts on what you can do to be successful no matter how hard you’re hit financially.

Tony Robbins is so much more than the fast-talking life coach with the TV infomercials. He is credited with helping some of the world’s most powerful, wealthy, and successful people–from billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones to the late anti-apartheid crusader Nelson Mandela to founder and CEO Marc Benioff.

Even Bill Clinton leaned on Robbins’s advice during the former president’s impeachment proceedings. Some of Robbins’s best lessons from his long career as a life coach to the rich and powerful were captured in an interview with Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg.

After the Great Recession, Robbins says he saw people lose their homes, their businesses, and just about everything they had worked for their whole lives. America is still hurting from the 2008 crash, but Robbins says you can be successful.

You can read the entire article here…

Tony discusses entrepreneurship. A one person business on the side.
Is there a better one person business than trading?

“Set up a financial business on the side with no employees, it’ll be an extraordinary nest egg that could bring you income for life,” he says. Robbins says you should not wait until you have a pile of cash, get started with what you have.

Why Tony Robbins Quotes Have no Boundaries

Modeling success is a core component for Tony and his Neuro-Associative Conditioning. Physical limitations aside, strive to model the behaviors of those achieving a goal you desire. These behaviors include mindset. Does this mean you are a mindless drone impersonating someone? No. It means you have a direction and you iterate your version as you improve.

For traders this means developing the habits and guiding principles of experienced traders. By develop I mean make them your own.

What Should You Model?

  • Strategic Concepts.
  • Mindset for Winning Streaks.
  • Mindset for Losing Streaks.
  • Body Language at Your Desk.
  • Work Habits.

This is a short list but you get the idea. There is a faster way to success. Model those further down the trader path until you have your own way of doing things. Bruce Lee was famous for this. Jeet Kune Do was a mixture of styles.

If these concepts are new to you, I recommend Tony Robbins second book, Awaken the Giant Within. If you want to take the training further, visit his website and sign up for coaching.

I will finish with my favorite quote from the article: ” The single most important ingredient for success is hunger and not losing it.” To paraphrase the Most Interesting Man in the World, “Stay Hungry my Friend.”


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