Tiffany Stock Price Breaks Through $100 After Earnings

TIF Tiffany and Co Stock Chart 3.25.19

TIF Tiffany and Co Stock Chart 3.25.19

Tiffany Stock Is Up Because Earnings Have a Silver Lining

Tiffany stock was zigzagging Friday, bouncing higher after an early loss, as investors weighed up its fourth-quarter earnings.

The back story. Tiffany fell after its previous quarterly report as well, but it was more than just the results weighing on the stock.

Not only did the report come in the midst of the market’s fourth-quarter plunge, but it reinforced worries that wealthy Chinese citizens were curbing their spending.

Those concerns led investors to flee the luxury space in general, even though Tiffany has less exposure to the country than some of its peers. Analysts remained bullish.

Stock futures struggle for gains as investors focus on the slowing global economy

Stock futures traded mostly lower early Monday as concerns over the outlook for the global economy weighed on investor sentiment.

U.S. futures initially rallied Sunday after Attorney General William Barr said special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited investigation did not find enough evidence that President Donald Trump ’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

Apple’s Reinvention as a Services Company Starts for Real Monday

When Apple Inc. boss Tim Cook takes the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater in Silicon Valley on Monday, he will usher in a new era for the world’s largest technology company.

The chief executive officer is expected to unveil streaming video and news subscriptions, key parts of Apple’s push to transform itself into a leading digital services provider. The company may even discuss a monthly video games subscription.

Likely absent from the event: Any new versions of the gadgets that have helped Apple generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profit since 1976.

TIF Stock Candlesticks

TIF Stock Candlesticks

If you’re struggling for consistency today’s lesson is the quickest path ending boom or bust results.

I zoomed in closer on the chart of TIF so we keep this trading lesson tight and actionable. TIF traded into my most reliable setup, it’s the DNA of all price charts.

I call it “well bid.”

Higher highs and higher lows on the DAILY CHARTS show us the big money is supporting the stock and creating higher prices… over two days. This means the stock is in play. 

This is my minimum criteria. well bid (or well offered, lower lows, lower highs) is the most pure chart pattern you can find. Institutions are active over days.

Moving averages and all the other indicators you can think of, they all help… but give me these 2 candlesticks and I will always be in the right trades.


Taking it deeper, when you consider where the last price is relative to the open, the previous close, and the previous high, you start building a great argument for high probability trades.

You have more “proof” your idea is good.

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