Think and Grow Rich as a Trader

Think and Grow Rich your way to Success

If you ever have the privilege to ask questions to a successful trader you’ll realize just how much effort, time, determination and lost money it took until they arrived at where they are. Becoming a consistent stock market winning trader is no different from being a top lawyer, doctor or businessman. First you must decide that you will “Think and Grow Rich”  and if really do want to trade?  Ask yourself is trading the stock market something I am genuinely interested in or are you lured by the potential money it has to offer you?

napoleon hill think and grow richMy favorite book of all time is a book called ” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. While interviewing the top people in a number of top professions he came to the conclusion that these people loved their chosen fields. They would have done it for no money. The love and passion is what guides the ship of life.

Trading is the same. If your number only goal in trading the markets is simply to make as much money as possible then I doubt you’ll make it into the superstar trader status. If you are simply chasing the money it can be a motivation as long as you are motivated to learn and work at what really works in the market and NOT keep chasing the latest hot new trading idea that exploits peoples greed and love for money to make them act.

Successful trading requires….

Successful trading requires not only a lot of ground work but on-going effort in order to keep at the very top of your game. Think and Grow Rich proved that you must have a love and passion for what you do on a daily basis and a job no longer becomes work it becomes a career filled with passion and success.

All traders go through years of trial and error, not to mention huge amounts of effort until they became consistent, successful traders. Make no mistake, just like it takes many years of intense studying to become a top lawyer, to become a top trader is no different.

To Think and Grow Rich as a Trader you will have to spend much time on analyzing yourself, your personality, find a trading style you are most comfortable with, learn how to trade properly, read, study, ask questions. Basically, you are going to have to start from scratch and build a system that fits you.

Anyone can make a mistake in trading and in life but the real mistake is not learning from it.

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