A Mastermind Group for Active Traders

The Six-Figure Trader

The Six-Figure Trader is a 12 month experience designed to educate, coach and mentor you in the pursuit of an extra six-figures. The goal is $100,000 in annual cash flow.

the six figure trader

The Six-Figure Trader Includes:

  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • Trades Working This Month
  • Mentor Moments
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Six-Figure Software: The Perfect Trade Algorithm
  • Six-Figure Training: Home-Study Programs


Each Tuesday we host a live tutorial that covers the core strategies and tactics that move you towards an extra $100,000/year. 

The tutorial focuses on keeping your actions in sync with your goals and resources. You'll see consistent results when you follow these proven steps and actions..

Each tutorial devotes 20 minutes to shaping the way you think about active trading.  We often go beyond chart reading so you get real-world ideas that bring home real money.


Sector rotation sounds "high-level" but it's really about being in the right trades. The trades with the strongest order flow and "room to go."

As each month progresses and unfolds, we post short videos from our private game planning that uncovers new ideas.

Trades Working This Month gives you high-probability ideas so you always have your money in trades with the greatest reward potential.

** Includes the ability to post questions and your own trades for discussion.


These recorded video and audio sessions give you core lessons learned and earned over my 16 years of trading. Between my prop trading career, my two prop trading firms and teaching live seminars all over the world, I can truly say I've seen and heard it all.

Our goal here centers around trading lessons based on the current market conditions. Each type of market requires making key distinctions. Some markets are for cash flow, and some are for building positions to hold longer.

The mentor minutes pull key lessons from the current environment so that you can learn the concept and adapt quickly. 



The Facebook group focuses on your questions about strategies, tactics and mindset. Feedback from Trading Education Blogs and our members should never be considered trading advice. You are responsible for making decisions.

The questions and observations of the Facebook group members, require a first person answer... This is how I see the $SPY unfolding today..."

For compliance reasons, we need to be clear on the benefit of a Facebook community. Our private Facebook group, The Six-Figure Trader," does not function as a moderated trading room but is a valuable resource on your path to six-figures. 



Once per month we host a private group coaching call.

Each session answers your questions. Our team compiles the topics and questions you submit into a membership Q&A comment section or the top questions we see inside the private Facebook group.

The audio of each session gets transcribed and loaded into your member section for download. Members also have access to download the audio files.

Six-Figure Software | The Perfect Trade Algorithm

perfect trade algorithm

The Perfect Trade Software:

Consistent trading starts with perfect trades…

Never before available to the public. The Perfect Trade Algorithm gives you trades with obvious order flow, and suggested entries. These are stocks in play by the institutions. Never miss another big money opportunity again.

The Perfect Trade finds the order flow and gives you nothing but the best ideas. As a member of The Six-Figure Trader you get 30 days access to the Perfect Trade Algorithm.

Just cover the exchange fees and you’re ready to go.

Six-Figure Training | Home Study Courses

chart reader

Your membership into the Six-Figure Trader includes these essential home-study programs . 

This six-figure training gives you the blueprint behind the lessons taught in Tutorial Tuesdays and Mentor Moments.

trading essentials

Trading Essentials: ($79 Value)

How smart traders eliminate the fear of losing and trade with confidence. 7-part video course that shows you the basics of order flow.

Learn how to spot the Institutions. All trading strategies are built upon these trading essentials. Key trading concepts that always tilt risk/reward in your favor.

Start here and start winning. 2 hours 38 minutes.

trading plan formula

The Trading Plan Formula: ($97 Value)

Professional traders don’t hope, they don’t need to. Professionals expect to make money. Implement this same outline I taught my proprietary traders in NYC.

TPF is the only trading system that organizes your goals with your resources in 7 days or less. The formula gives you a personalized step-by-step road map for six-figure trading.

8-part videos series. Includes downloadable worksheets, templates. and audio files. 2 hours 43 minutes

candlestick essentials

Candlestick Essentials: ($25 Value)

Nothing is more critical than knowing when price action is currently offering the most opportunity. Long-term order flow could be obvious, but…”Is your stock a good trade now? Knowing when your stock is “well-bid” or “well-offered” means the institutions are active today–right now.

These situations offer the greatest opportunity for profits. Is your stock showing an “energy” candlestick or “indecision?” The answer directly affects if you should be in cash or looking for an entry.

There are only 4 candlestick patterns that show you how and when– to enter or exit. There are only 2 situations that show show you if the current momentum is just beginning or when it is ending. We call these candlestick patterns — fuel or exhaustion.

7-part video series. 1 hour 10 minutes.

market analysis

The Market Analysis Stacking System “M.A.S.S” ” ($97 Value)

38% of your stocks price action is influenced by the order flow in the general market and certain internal indicators.” The M.A.S.S. shows you when to hold winners, when to trade for cash flow and when the entire stock market has a high probability of reversing.

Includes lessons in — > Dow Theory, Confirmation, Divergence and the 3 most important market internals that show you when to raise or lower your conviction level in new positions.

7-part video series. 1 hour 22 minutes

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