The Fastest Path to Trading Success

Professionals try to make money over time, over many trades. It's foolish to believe every trade will and should be profitable. The best part? You don't need each trade to win to be successful. I teach "10 Perfect Trades" because it's easy to judge yourself and your edge over 10 trades. It's easy to know if you traded well.

If you're afraid to trade, or lose money, it's because you don't believe your edge works.Think about it, if you knew for every 10 perfect trades you make, you will come out on top... all you need to do is make good trades and manage them well... you would never hesitate or be afraid... BECAUSE THE OUTCOME is certain... the odds are in your favor.

The problem for most is they don't have an edge, and if they do, they don't follow it. So essentially We mess up a good thing. I can tell you from experience, once you have an edge, trading is easy. There really is no stress because it's not on your shoulders anymore.

You let your edge do the work, your job is to manage risk and the trade.

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