Tesla Charts Show ZERO Edge for New Trades

TSLA Tesla Inc Stock Chart 3-11-19

TSLA Tesla Inc Stock Chart 3-11-19

The sneaky little secret to making consistent money as a trader?

First learn how to not lose. Learn how to avoid bad ideas.

Winning. Profitable trading month-after-month has losing trades sprinkled in among the winners. Trades with high probability still lose, and that’s OK, it’s a part of the odds. I can accept that, it’s part of the process.

But it’s the bad ideas that keep you from winning. When I finally understood this concept it wasn’t hard to be disciplined, or hard to be patient.

When I analyzed my P&L I realized it was the bored trades, the “news” trades, the unplanned trades that dragged my P&L down.

Trade that followed my plan made consistent money. Trading is easy when you follow a plan with an edge.

This chart of Tesla is a mess. Has been for a while. These types of charts drain your account.

If your trading is boom or bust, that’s the reason.

Tesla to raise vehicle prices, keep more stores open

(Reuters) – Electric carmaker Tesla Inc said on Sunday it will raise prices of its high-end vehicles by about 3 percent on average as it plans to keep more retail stores open than planned.

Tesla said the worldwide price hikes will apply to the more expensive variants of Model 3, Model S and Model X, and there will be no price increase to the $35,000 Model 3.


Tesla Is in Talks With Chinese Battery Giant to Power Model 3s Made in China

Tesla Inc. is in talks about ordering rechargeable batteries from top Chinese producer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. to power Model 3 cars the U.S. electric automaker plans to start assembling at its new factory near Shanghai, people familiar with the matter said.

CATL has been discussing the required specifications for the batteries with Tesla officials, the people said, asking not to be named because the talks are private.

Still, there’s no guarantee that an agreement will be reached, according to the people.


wall street bull

The Bull Market Began 10 Years Ago. Why Aren’t More People Celebrating?

Americans are still scarred by the financial crisis, and the fruits of this decade’s record-breaking rally fell mostly to the rich.

The financial system had nearly collapsed.

The deepest recession in decades was devouring over 700,000 jobs a month. Roughly $13 trillion in stock market wealth, slowly rebuilt since the dot-com bust, had again been incinerated.

It was March 2009. And it was one of the best times in a generation to buy stocks.

A decade later, the bull market that began back then ranks among the great rallies in stock-market history. The 305 percent surge in the S&P 500 is the index’s second-best run ever.


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