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Art of Taking Profits in Trading

Art of Taking Profits in Trading  Many traders claim that their game plan emphasizes trade entry but not trade exit. As a result, they argue that they do not makeenought profit on each trade. If you have not thought about trade exit prior to opening a position, then you have a problem with your game plan because you have not […]

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What is Swing Trading?

What is Swing Trading? Equity trading provides a natural arena for Swing Traders. As price seeks an equilibrium state, Swing Traders seek to exploit direct price thrusts as they enter positions at support and resistance. By examining chart pattern characteristics they make money in both trending and range bound markets. Swing Trading is a classic […]

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Countering High Frequency Trading (HFT)

Countering High Frequency Trading (HFT) Trading pros can tweak their process to cope with HFT and enjoy the benefits of trading technology. A recent study by TABB Group suggests that high frequency trading programs have accounted for more than 50 percent of volume in the U.S. equity market. Although some investors appreciate HFT’s for adding […]

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