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Take Complete Responsibility

Take Complete Responsibility Take Complete Responsibility for the successful trader knows every action he takes, every decision he makes he ,and only he, is responsible for that action. You will never meet a successful trader who is looking to blame someone else, or something else for the consequences of his results. It just will not […]

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Day Trading Success Rules

Day Trading Success Rules Day Trading Success Rules is he success that a trader achieves in the markets is directly correlated to one’s trading discipline or lack thereof. Trading discipline is 90 percent of the game. The formula is very simple: Trade with discipline and you will succeed; trade without discipline and you will fail. […]

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Learn to Trade Forex

Learn to Trade Forex Prices in the Forex market fluctuate without any dramatic changes unlike stock market where considerable gaps are likely to be seen. There isn’t any problems entering and exit the market due to its daily turnover of about $1.2 trillion. Forex market can not ever be forced to stop. Learn to Trade […]

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Learn How to Trade and Stay Positive

Is it possible you secretly want to lose? Self-destructive behavior can easily manifest itself in the markets, particularly among day traders. When the price is dancing around in front of your eyes, it can take a grip of you. You can start to feel like it’s playing with you. This is why you have to […]

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Successful Day Traders Make Money Taking Losses

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Successful traders understand the importance of taking losses by minimizing  them. When a trade doesn’t follow through, I exit my position with as little damage as possible.  No ego here. Wrong is wrong! No trader makes money all the time, and the best traders in the world are successful because they know the importance of accepting […]

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