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Trader Education – The Trend is Your Friend

Hello Traders!  So how cliche is the title of this post?  I think we’ve all heard the phrase, but we are going to delve into more than just following the basic trend of the stock.  We can take the trend is your friend maxim to further heights and boost our trading to another level! Before […]

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Trader Education – Volume Analysis

Hello traders – in continuing to improve our daytrading let’s shed a little light on volume analysis and how it not only impacts our trading, but can also help improve it. If you are trading or interested in trading, then you probably know the basics about volume.  It represents the amount of shares traded in […]

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Active Trading Tip – Patience & Discipline

In this part of active trading tips we will discuss patience and discipline.  Simple, right?  Just be patient and stay discipline and we’re good to go as traders.  Uh, no….not so simple.  In order to do something well, we need to understand what actions to take and what benefits are created by them. This helps […]

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