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Trading when there is “blood in the streets”

There is a maxim heard from many successful long-term contrarian investors; I’m buying when there is blood in the streets.  It’s actually a statement worth paying attention too. There are two items that come with it.  First, being able to recognize when these moments occur and second, knowing how to trade it. Notice in the […]

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Trading Insights – Volume Analysis

Hello traders – in this post we will shed a little light on volume analysis and how it not only impacts our trading, but can also help improve it. If you are trading or interested in trading, then you probably know the basics about volume.  It represents the amount of shares traded in a given […]

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The Truth about Day Trading

The Truth about Day Trading The truth about day trading is that there are no trading secrets and no easy paths to quick success in trading markets. Now that we have that statement out of the way, we can begin to look at some factors a person needs to consider before they want to begin […]

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