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Trader Education – Time Frame Analysis

Hello traders – For this post we will focus on the practice of lining multiple charts to see if they tell us the same story.  The more in tune the charts are the better probability of a profitable trade.  As a trader that is our goal! So what exactly are we taking about? Multiple Time […]

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Trading Insights – Volume Analysis

Hello traders – in this post we will shed a little light on volume analysis and how it not only impacts our trading, but can also help improve it. If you are trading or interested in trading, then you probably know the basics about volume.  It represents the amount of shares traded in a given […]

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Learning When to Sell

I can’t sell a stock because…. Sometimes the best offense is a great defense. Now that you’ve learned the basic rules of buying stocks, our emphasis will switch to Learning when to sell my stocks. In sports, a team that is all offense and no defense seldom wins the championship.  In the stock market, you […]

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