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The Truth about Day Trading

The Truth about Day Trading The truth about day trading is that there are no trading secrets and no easy paths to quick success in trading markets. Now that we have that statement out of the way, we can begin to look at some factors a person needs to consider before they want to begin […]

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Active Trading Tips – Part I

Hello fellow traders – in this multi-part series we will cover some key tips for your active trading.  Some of these will seem basic, some will not, but all are equally important and deserve your attention to achieve consistent success. Let’s kick it off with our first tip – Have A Trading Plan – and […]

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Is a Business Plan as Day Trader Necessary?

Stock Trading Business Plan The first thing you need is for it to be written down.  You will need to hold yourself accountable for your trading actions going forward.Consistency in trading the markets comes with responsibility. You must have it written down so you can look at the market, watch the market unfold, and know […]

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