Stocks to Trade in the News 1-19-16

We are trading one giant global stock market…

Back in the old-days, traders focused on simple things. Stock markets in foreign lands were interesting, but we weren’t watching overnight quotes. We simply traded the U.S markets. Everything has changed. We are a global economy and each market is a 24-7 piece of the puzzle.

When the China stock market sneezes, everyone grabs a tissue now. The global outlook for 2016: Slower growth, higher volatility supersedes one economy. Interesting times indeed.

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but the days of the lazy trader are gone. The glory days of day trading the first two hours of the day are gone.

Dig in and build yourself a career.

Build an audience first…

Everything from A-Z. We all see how is a juggernaut but we forget they started with only books. The companies first production line was beneath a tile showroom.

Companies that try to dominate with with everything, from the start, have no chance to succeed. Business strategy says to find your audience then expand. Wow your audience and then offer more to people who love you.

This is the reason why and Wayfair Doubled in 2015, but Was Cut in Half. Can you think of many people who are excited to see what overstock does next?

Donald Trump has officially become one of “them…”

I love Apple Inc., I love Donald Trump but today he is talking for the sake of talking.

Trump wants to bring jobs back home. That makes a great sound-bite, but the fact is labor is cheaper over seas. The fact is that for most American companies to be profitable, they need to manufacture away from home.

When I read Trump: Apple should build ‘their damn things’ in US, I thought one thing… politician.

Stocks to Trade in the News 1-19-16

Bank of America posts earnings beat

Bank of America reported a 9.8 percent rise in profit for the final quarter of the year, helped by lower expenses.

The bank’s shares rose in premarket trading immediately following the report.

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Flying Blind…

I’m afraid of heights but, have no problem flying. Not sure of that makes sense but I feel like if it’s meant to be…

The airline industry should be flying with the price of oil taking a beating but many airline stocks have reached bear market territory. This means the stock price is trading below the 200 sma on the daily charts.

Delta Air Lines misses on fourth-quarter profit, sales expectation.

Delta Air Lines DAL, +1.24% said it had a net income of $980 million, or $1.25 per share, in the fourth quarter 2015, compared with a loss of $712 million, or a loss of 86 cents per share, for the same period one year ago.

Adjusted earnings were $1.18 per share, below the FactSet consensus of $1.19 per share. Revenue for the quarter was $9.5 billion, down from $9.65 billion for the same period last year. FactSet consensus was for revenue of $9.6 billion.

Passenger unit revenue declined 1.6% to $8.1 billion, according to the company. Delta sees passenger unit revenue to decline between 2.5% and 4.5% for the first quarter of 2016 due to global volatility and currency pressures, Delta President Ed Bastian said in a statement. Delta shares are down 11.5% over the past three months while the S&P is down 7.5% for the same period.


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