Stocks to Trade September 30 2015

Your day trading skills will be tested today…

We have mostly bearish stock trades but a higher open today in an over-sold market.

Do you plan to trade weak stocks long? Or, do you plan to wait for short-sale trade setups that may never trigger, if we have a slow grinding move higher?

It’s important for you to answer these questions now. You don’t want to approach the stock market today with a game plan developed after the open. One strategic choice you have is going old-school and go pure day trading.

To accomplish this, you will trade the intra day trends and not the big picture. You should expect to trade both long and short the same stock.

Be definite in your plan of attack today. Stocks are opening against the bearish order flow. If you aren’t clear in your ideas, stay in cash.

*Plenty of free trader training here if you need some help with your trading plan.

Stock Market Today: Map of the S&P 500

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Stocks to Trade September 30 2015

Day Trading Game Plan: The SPY ETF Outlook

The SPY continues to hold the $188 level. Price action is telling us we are likely to pause for a day or two above it, and then make a run by the bears before the week is over. The $182 area is the next down-side target. I would be surprised by a high volume bullish day. A bullish day yes, high volume, no.

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Stocks to Trade September 30 2015

Stocks to Trade | Wednesday September 30, 2015

Pete’s Notes:

  • Yesterday’s note is today’s context. A lot of stocks at or near support, or oversold. Today’s higher open is not a surprise.

Charts in Focus

Nike Inc, NKE

NKE strong order flow and solid earnings boost. Solid long idea to trade.

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Stocks to Trade September 30 2015

Trading Opportunities Remain Stock Specific

Stocks to Trade September 30 2015

Earnings in play today > 1M avg shares: PAYX

Relative strength to yesterday’s bearish market: (mixed close yesterday no clear bias to be contra)

> 20sma, positive week and closed 2% higher from the open: WUBA, MMM, EQR

<20sma, negative last 5 days and closed 2% lower from the open: depo, hznp, mnk, ete, wmb, wpz, etp, endp, myl, lvs, rrc, bx, teva, qihu, dltr, oke, ual, cybr, fb, aapl, ua, fit

Bullish Ideas ATR/Volume/Price: NKE, TSO

Bearish Ideas ATR/Volume/Price: aapl, wmb, jpm, baba, vrx, abbv, mrk, myl, hal, slb, lvs, dis, gpro, cat, cop, bx, cvs, etp, endp, mnk, amgn, wynn, apa, rrc, axp, xpo, twx, dvn, mbly, stx, esrx, wpz, apc, psx, utx, sndk, aet, lulu, bud, swks, hon, hp, wdc, bidu, lrcx, ir, etn, cern, de, lnc, cof, tel, cah, mdvn, gmcr, cf, ppg, bhi, qihu, hot hes, mjn, amt, qrvo, uri

Weak Stock Weak Close: mnk, wmb, wpz, etp, paa, endp, epd, myl, kmi, rax, lvs, rrc, bx, trn, qihu, pypl, se, yelp, mat, tgna, aapl

Strong Stock Weak Close:

Weak Stock Strong Close: xpo, vrtx, wrk, ilmn, axta, bidu, mdt, biib, asml, alb, acm, armh

Strong Stock Strong Close:

20 day Breakdown: depo, hznp, mnk, ete, vrx, wynn, wmb, wpz, wtp, endp, myl, lvs, agn, bx, teva, lbtya, zts, oke, cvs, len,

20 Day Breakout:


Watch List Longs: MO,

Watch List Short: abt, amgn, mrk, kss, hal, ms, cvs, slb, adm, hon, bhi, cof, axp, dis, wmt, cop, wynn, lvs, m, hue, ntap, dd, c, qcom, tol, dow,

Inside days: intc, pfe, cmcsa, mrk, abt, v, bmy, aal, lly, fox, vlo, amgn, pep, luv, mpc, syy, unp, dhr, holx, psx, cce, dfs, oxy, gis, all, eog, jci, wdc, hon, pcar, fast, nfx, nue, cern, cah, bhp, googl, tso, anf, grub

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