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ExxonMobil (XOM) to Invest $20B to Expand Manufacturing in U.S. Gulf

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) is expanding its manufacturing capacity along the U.S. Gulf Coast through planned investments of $20 billion over a 10-year period to take advantage of the American energy revolution, Darren Woods, chairman and chief executive officer, said Monday.

CEO: Upcoming Exxon Mobil projects to create 45,000 jobs

Irving, Texas-based Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) will continue with a series of 11 projects on the U.S. Gulf Coast that it expects to have created more than 45,000 jobs by the time they are done.

The projects started in 2013, and the company now expects them to continue through 2022, said Darren Woods, Exxon Mobil’s chairman and CEO, speaking at the IHS CERAWeek conference in Houston on March 6. The projects are centered around exports from the region, he said.

Exxon Mobil Is A Buy Right Now

What has not been featured in the mainstream press with nearly as much frequency is the fact that Exxon Mobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company on Earth, is currently trading at a bargain.

The trailing price-to-earnings ratio of 43.93 may make the idea that Exxon Mobil is cheap right now sound absurd, but that is not the only metric that needs factored in.

Why Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) Stock Could Jump 20% Higher

Shares of integrated oil giant Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) have grossly underperformed when compared to not only the broader market, but also when paired with several of its closest peers like BP plc (ADR)(NYSE:BP) and Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX). But now seems like a good time to bet on XOM stock.

$XOM 3-7-17

$XOM 3-7-17

Today’s Trading Lesson…

Stops Trading Stress Immediately

I’m not saying I am right, but I am saying this is definitely what I’m looking for. There is a big difference there because a lot of people get hung up on, “well you said this is going to happen and it didn’t.”

Therefore you are wrong…

That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, and what I encourage everybody to learn and do, is to have a model of price action. A crystal clear framework of what price needs to look like for you to accept risk.

Then, and only then, if price unfolds according to your plan do you to accept the trade scenario. I am predicting what I expect to happen based on my tape reading ability, then I only execute the trades that do exactly what I forecast.

I don’t care of 7 out of 10 do not “work.” I only care about the 3 that do!

The key lesson here, is you need a structure for what you expect to happen. You need the tape reading skills discussed in the podcast. Otherwise, all price action will be random, and so will your results.

On the Tape Today | 3-7-17

$KHC 3-7-17

$KHC 3-7-17

KHC Kraft Heinz Continues to wind into a potential volatility breakout. The charts say look for a long because of the prior momentum but today I am shifting gears and simply game planning an expansion in volatility. Not calling direction, but I am calling a trend day. Looking for a break of the opening 30 minutes of trading and then ride a trend into the close.

TRIP Tripadvisor producing a solid bearish pause after breaking support levels. Game planning a new $42 limit order to sell short with a stop loss of $42.50. Target on the trade is a limit order to cover @ $39.25


$SPY 3-7-17 Hourly Chart

$SPY 3-7-17 Hourly Chart

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY hourly chart showing a perfect pause.

The $237 level continues to be the short-term line in the sand. Most of the traders in our coaching program are looking for a decline to $234 but it’s unlikely. The stock market has not provided much in the way of distribution.

A putrid 53 millions shares traded gives us zero clues. On the surface that sounds like indecision, but it’s actually a strong signal for continuation. A change of trend takes time, and churning.

Churning, distribution, whatever you prefer, doesn’t happen on light volume.

The current type of market chops up the accounts of new traders. Don’t be one of them. Be smart, find today’s stocks in play and let anything go you didn’t game plan for.

This isn’t a market that will fix a bad trade for you.

Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500

$SP 500 3-7-17

$SP 500 3-7-17

Stocks to Trade 3-7-17 | Tuesday Edition

Short-Term Trading Momentum

Bullish Momentum: ATVI

Bearish Momentum: teva, m, nem, ip, tgt

Quarterly Order Flow

Bullish Stocks to Trade: SWKS, AET, UNH, FB, DE, AVGO, GS, AMGN, HD, BA, PRU, COF, INCY

Bearish Stocks to Trade: teva, m, nem, tgt, lb, prgo, nfx, trip, apa, kors, yelp, rrc 

2x Normal Volume: MNST, COST, DKS

Inside days: aapl, xom, pm, qcom, nke, low, wmb, mnst, pypl, dis, cvs, wfm, exc, tmus, amgn, gsk, ma, kors, intu

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