Stocks to Trade 2-13-17 | VZ-Verizon Wireless

VZ-verizon wireless

Verizon Offers Unlimited Data as Wireless Competition Heats Up

Verizon Communications Inc., the biggest U.S. wireless provider, will start selling a package that includes unlimited data, a tacit acknowledgement that smaller competitors have struck a chord with consumers who want to stream video without worrying about exceeding a cap.

Verizon’s Network Has A New Top Competitor, And It’s Not AT&T

Verizon Communications Inc.VZ may still lay claim to the best wireless network in the United States, but it’s only by the thinnest of margins.

And if you think it’s AT&T Inc.T that’s breathing down Verizon’s neck in terms of network coverage and speed, you’re dead wrong. According to the latest data from OpenSignal, T-Mobile US Inc TMUS has narrowed the gap with Verizon to the thinnest of margins

Wireless Subscriber Growth Should No Longer Be the Focus for Verizon

Verizon’s (NYSE:VZ) recently reported fourth-quarter results and outlook for the coming year disappointed investors. The report card for America’s largest cell service provider demonstrates that the mobile business is getting mature.

$VZ 2-13-17

$VZ 2-13-17

The Traders Path

pete marriot

My journey wasn’t easy, but my goal is to make yours so. The losses, the challenges and the lessons were expensive. Time was easily the greatest expense.

Through these pages I hope that my payments to the market Gods become your rewards. Through my passion, my empathy and my experience, I seek to crunch the cost and time of your learning curve by 200%.

Your greatest obstacle as you journey the traders path is the truth. I have mentored traders since 2003 and the main reason most remain amateurs, is a reluctance to admit where they are starting.

A denial about your resources is the main culprit.

This journey is not just about risk capital. It’s about “screen time,” how much you already have and how much you plan to give.

It’s about risk tolerance. It’s about previous education, it’s about investing in continuing education. It’s about having an open mind to learn from mistakes.

The market gives us valuable feedback. Most don’t listen until its too late. Through these pages I will show you the brilliant simplicity of tape reading. The tape knows everything. It’s never wrong. If you’re struggling, the tape will show you what’s missing.

The only barrier between you and anything a trader could desire is one simple fact: Your trading today is the result of what you see, not what you know. Something so important yet misunderstood.

We spend our days searching for the one thing that’s missing. But everything we tried fell short. And so we buy another book or read another blog, or even attempt to see a trading psychologist! Some finally give up and doubt it’s possible.

The answer you seek, the great mystery, is to simply understand what’s on the tape.


On the Tape Today | 2-13-17

$EA Electronic Arts 2-13-17

$EA Electronic Arts 2-13-17

EA | Electronic Arts punched through the $86 resistance with increasing volume and sustained a gap-and-go through the level. Game planning a new long but not on the open. The $5 advance in price, in only two days takes it close to a Saturation Point, which reduces the potential profit on a new long. Looking for a 2 day,  light volume pause then a new long with a stop-loss on a close below the breakout level.

PSX | Phillips 66 continues obvious selling order flow with a clean bear flag. Planning for a new short-sale if a higher open today on a limit order @ $80.50 with a target to cover on a short-term swing trade @ $78.25. Stop-loss set $81.25 if filled on the entry.


$SPY 2-13-17

$SPY 2-13-17

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY price action now well-bid for consecutive days which includes two bullish gap openings.


The stock market indices continue a slow grind higher. These types of moves have stamina, but not necessarily much momentum. I can’t tell you the amount of emails I received last week from traders initiating new short sales because they continue to struggle on the long side.

Giant mistake. And to be perfectly honest, a mistake I made often early in my career. It’s actually the reason I preach order flow every day. When you learn to read the tape, everything changes. When you pick one side, everything changes.

The bullish side is in play…period. Could stocks reverse? Yes. Should you be waiting for it every day? No!

Getting long and getting stopped-out is the right play. It’s okay. Getting short a strong stock and expecting to make a consistent living is playing the lottery.

You’ll get results once in a while but you will never make a living doing it.

Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500

$SP 500 2-13-17

$SP 500 2-13-17

Stocks to Trade 2-13-17 | Monday Edition

Short-Term Trading Momentum:

Bullish Momentum: AKAO, MOS, CF, RIO, FNSR, ATVI, SKX

Bearish Momentum: srpt, rh, rrc, crc, bhi, pten

Quarterly Order Flow:


Bearish Stocks to Trade: srpt, rh, alxn, lb, kors, hes, apa, mur, gild, vfc

2x Normal Volume: ATVI, MJN, NVDA, MCHP, SKX, PE, TWLO, CERN, EA

Inside days: kmi, msft, gild, wmt, twlo, ctsh, bp, pypl, kr, bmy, glw, bsx, yhoo, stx, slw, pm, apa, tsn, ccl, dg, pep, bby, avgo, adm, swks, bbby, ftnt, clvs, hlt


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Stock Market Today 2-3-17 | Friday Edition

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