Stock Trading Today 9-28-16 | $BBRY Earnings

Today’s Trading Education…

The current flip-flopping stock market gives you a great opportunity to improve.

You have a choice, complain, or purposefully improve. Let’s choose the second one.

I began trading at the end of the dot-com bubble. April 2000 to be exact. The easy money was history and most experienced traders were in trouble. Averaging into longs was no longer a viable strategy.

I had a choice. Complain I missed the boat, or learn how to trade. Sixteen years later I’m still here. Today you have the same choice.

This market is calling for stock pickers. Improve your skills and learn while you earn.

Video #1 shows you how to scan for ideas. The second shows you how to manage a big list of stocks, after the market opens.

Leave a comment with your questions.

Trading Scans | How to Find Stocks to Trade

How to Profitable Manage a Big List of Stocks

On the Tape Today...

$DIS inside day and weak close on a strong day implies a solid trend day lower today. (see chart)

$EA 52 week breakout and solid volume offer a long today.  $85.50 buy-stop, $87.25 target.

$NKE earnings report offers a short sell today, but wait for the first rally off the open.

$COST $150 sell-stop, minor resistance at $148, gap fill target to cover @ $146.

$DIS 9-28-16 (Click to Enlarge)



U.S. stock futures inch up with Fed speeches, OPEC in focus

Fed chief Janet Yellen is back in the spotlight on Wednesday.

U.S. stock futures edged higher Wednesday, putting equities on track to add to the prior day’s gain that was credited in part to the first presidential debate’s outcome.

Investors are waiting for a big dose of Federal Reserve speeches, a reading on orders for big-ticket items and more signals from a key meeting of major oil producers.

On Wednesday, four Fed officials are slated to make remarks, starting with Chairwoman Janet Yellen at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

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Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500

$SPY Heatmap-9-28-16

$SPY Heatmap-9-28-16

Stock Trading Today 9-28-16 | $BBRY Earnings Before the Open

Stocks Stage Post-Debate Relief Rally; Nike Stumbles After The Close 

U.S. stocks rallied Tuesday amid positive economic data and a relief rally of sorts following Monday night’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Microsoft (MSFT), which on Monday kicked off its Ignite conference for IT professionals, led the Dow with a 2% gain as the stock found support at its 50-day moving average. The stock is in buy range, just above a 56.87 entry.

The Xbox maker is one of the companies, along with Alphabet (GOOGL), Disney (DIS) and Salesforce (CRM), reportedly considering a bid for Twitter (TWTR). Twitter shares have rallied 27% the past three sessions.

Nike (NKE) fell 4% in after-hours trading following its fiscal Q1 earnings report.

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Will Blackberry Call it Quits on its Handset Business?

Blackberry is scheduled to report fiscal second quarter results today before the market opens.

The Canadian smartphone market is engaged in a balancing act between its struggling handset business and relatively successful software and security market.

Revenue the past few years still remains under pressure due to sluggish hardware sales. This should remain the case until operations can fully shift over to its software services.


Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY price action travels back into trading range territory…

Your stock picking skills need to shine in the current stock market. If you believe you see a trend, you are wrong. The tape we are trading has no fuel.

So how does a trading range affect your trading decisions? You have opportunity, you simply need to adjust your time frame.

The current tape calls for short trends. Change from the open gives day traders the safest option. Look for opportunity when your stock, and the $SPY change from the open, are in sync.

With so much news, incredibly challenging to feel confident about a long-term bias. Tighten up and trade for cash flow.



Stocks in Play: $BBRYresearch on

$BBRY Earnings NEWS: Awaiting BlackBerry Earnings, Such as They Are

BlackBerry (BBRY) will report earnings tomorrow morning before the opening bell for the quarter ended in August.

The Street expects the company to report a loss of $0.05 per share on revenues of $394 million. For the current quarter, ending in November, the sell side expects another loss of $0.05 per share on revenues of $396 million.

Just yesterday, BlackBerry boss John Chen talked about the progress the company has made in its turnaround process over the last few years. He said about a third of the turnaround remained to complete.

He added, “We have made investment over a billion-plus, all in software, all in security, and now we need to execute it.”


Your Two Minute Earnings Preview for Blackberry ($BBRY) Stock

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$BBRY -9-28-16

$BBRY -9-28-16

Stocks to Trade 9-28-16 | Wednesday Edition

Short-Term Trading Momentum:

Positive the last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% higher from the open: JUNO, LN, TWLO, YELP, ION, FSLR, RCL, CCL, NVDA, STX, WDC, TAP, ADI, ENDP, ADBE, ACN, EA, PRU

Negative last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% lower from the open: nfx, sm, clr

Quarterly Order Flow:


Bearish Stocks to Trade: hes, oxy,len, cost, dis, crm, dg, xom, cvs, low, tgt, viab

2x Normal Volume: PG, RICE, HOT CAR, JUNO

Inside days: aapl, wfc, pfe, dis, bmy, lly, csx, hd, rai, wu, ual, hlt, mon, tjx, cag, wfm, lmt

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