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Lockheed CEO tells Trump she will work to drive down cost of F-35

The chief executive of Lockheed Martin Corp told President-elect Donald Trump on Friday that she was committed to driving down the cost of the company’s F-35 fighter jet, a day after Trump took aim at the cost of the F-35 in a Twitter post.

CEO Marillyn Hewson said she spoke with Trump on Friday afternoon and assured him that she had heard his message “loud and clear” about reducing the cost of the F-35.

Trump, in a tweet posted late on Thursday, suggested that an older aircraft made by rival aerospace company Boeing Co could offer a cheaper alternative to the F-35.

“Based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the Lockheed Martin F-35, I have asked Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18 Super Hornet!” Trump said.

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Lockheed Martin’s (Non-Trump) Headwinds

Lockheed Martin (LMT) has been under pressure for the past few weeks because of tweets by President-elect Donald Trump. Despite this pressure, Lockheed stock is up 16% from a year ago, and only 6% away from its 52-week high.

While Trump tweets may be causing Lockheed longs to pop antacids, there may be fundamentals that can create greater concern for investors.


LMT | Lockheed Martin 12-26-16

Stocks to Trade 12-26-16

Bullish Momentum: ACAD, IONS, AGN, NVDA, TSLA

Bearish Momentum: None on the list today


Bearish Order Flow:  dltr, expe, crm, baba, aem, vrtx

Double Normal Volume: GPOR

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SP 500 12-26-16

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Amazon Gaining Holiday Season Share Vs. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Apple

Online shoppers are swarming to (AMZN) this holiday season and the e-commerce giant has gained share vs. Best Buy (BBY), Wal-Mart (WMT) and Apple (AAPL), says market research firm Slice Intelligence.

But Amazon and the other FANG stocks — Facebook (FB), Netflix (NFLX) and Alphabet (GOOGL), the parent company of Google — mostly fell in the stock market today, while Apple rose a small fraction.

Twitter executive exodus put pressure on Dorsey

Twitter is ending 2016 the same way it began the year: with executives flying the coop.

The ailing social media company lost two more executives on Tuesday, including longtime CTO Adam Messinger. The news comes barely a month after Twitter’s COO Adam Bain stepped down.

The latest executive departures pushed Twitter’s stock down nearly 5% in midday trading Wednesday as investors weighed the impact on employee retention, product execution and the strain it places on Twitter’s part-time CEO Jack Dorsey.

Goldman Sachs accounts for 24% of Dow’s spectacular Trump rally

Donald Trump ran as an outsider who would shake things up. Ironically, Trump’s election has seriously lifted up shares of Goldman Sachs, a symbol of the establishment he’s promised to disrupt.

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Fitbit ends one Jawbone patent case seeking to block device import

It’s a minor holiday miracle. Wearable device leaders Fitbit and Jawbone have been locked in a prolonged legal battle for well over a year, and yesterday Fitbit dropped one of the key pursuits against its fellow fitness manufacturer, dropping a patent violation complaint filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission.

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