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[PODCAST] Professional Trading-the Proven Steps

The steps to professional trading are easy to find. The challenge, is finding someone who can show you how to apply them.

Today’s podcast is for professional traders who paid their dues and are ready to create wealth…

Today I’d like to join you in that journey.

Many people, many smart, hard working folks like yourself, have chased the dream of the trader lifestyle.

You believe deep down you can get there on your own. But reality sets in after months or years of hard work and you’re still producing break-even results.

Overwhelmed is how you feel. You turn to books, friends, forums and chat rooms and yet you still can’t understand why you haven’t turned the corner. At this point big dreams are a distant goal and you have downgraded the dream to a reliable monthly income.

You’ve created a never-ending loop you can’t escape from.

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On the Tape Today...

$SBUX short-covering momentum sets up a short-sale with a $54.40 limit order and target to cover @ $52.75. (see chart)

$ADBE breakout and close over $110 triggers a long with a target to sell @ $112.40.

$BMY bear flag and weak close show relative weakness to the general stock market. $49 sell-stop for a new short sale.

$FB breakout to all-time highs looks delicious, but well-bid for fives days and breakouts in this stock tend to reverse. Look for a $130.50 limit order to buy instead of the breakout.

$SBUX 10-25-16 (Click to Enlarge)



U.S. stock futures point to gains, as Apple set to take the spotlight

U.S. stock futures indicated Wall Street will see gains Tuesday, with a wave of earnings set to envelope the market, including reports from Dow constituents Merck and Procter & Gamble and then Apple after the bell.

Adding to the mix will be updates from the housing and consumer fronts.

“Equity markets began the week on a positive note with M&A activities, positive earnings, and better than expected data from the eurozone and U.S. all boosting appetite to risk,” said FXTM Chief Market Strategist Hussein Sayed in a note. 

Analysts expect to see Apple Inc. AAPL, +0.90%  to report earnings at the high end of its fourth-quarter forecast, aided by the iPhone 7 launch and new customers switching from Android after Samsung Electronics’ exploding Note 7 troubles.

However, analysts are also projecting the third-straight quarterly decline in iPhone unit sales. 

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Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500



Stock Market Today 10-25-16 | $AAPL Earnings Report

Techs Lead, QSR Drops Big; Why Apple Is Still In Buy Range After 2nd Breakout

Stocks got off to a rosy start for the week on Monday, led by large-cap tech and internet names. Apple (AAPL), meanwhile, remained in buy range after clearing a second handle buy point at 116.38 within its long first-stage cup base pattern.

Top industry groups in the stock market today included fiber optic gear, wireless telecom service, chipmaking and fabless semiconductor stocks. A sharp drop in gold mining and various oil-related shares hurt the S&P 500 and the Dow more than the Nasdaq.

Back to Apple, the mega-cap tech rose 0.9% to 117.65, meaning it’s extended past a 110.33 buy point in a long cup with handle pattern.

The pattern began to really take shape after the iPhone maker gapped up and tested upside resistance at its 200-day moving average on July 27, one day after it reported results for the June-ended fiscal third quarter.

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Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY doji candlestick giving traders headaches but the gap and hold gives hope.

The $212-$216 trading range provides solid reference points but a paltry 58 million shares traded on Monday offers no clues for interpreting order flow

Equity traders are going deep to find high-probability opportunities. If we were trading together, I would tell you to focus on sector and industry related ideas until the $SPY finally clears the levels mentioned.




Stocks in Play: $AAPLresearch on

$AAPL Earnings NEWS: Will Apple’s Earnings Take Stocks Back To Record Highs?

Apple reports on earnings today after the close. This will likely set the tone for stocks for the week.

Remember, Apple is the biggest company in the world (by market cap) and one of, if not the, most widely held stock in the world. It’s weighted at 3.4% of the S&P 500, and it’s up 12% year–to–date, outpacing the S&P 500 by more than 2 to 1. So clearly Apple carries a lot of weight for the perception of the health of the broader stock market.

We talked about the case for Apple last week. Apple reported a second consecutive quarter of year–over–year earnings decline in July. But it crushed estimates. The stock took off from $96 and trades today at $117.

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Apple’s Guidance Will Likely Decide How Shares React to Its Earnings Report

The iPhone 7 and 7-Plus sold better than expected during their first weeks of availability in September. That’s a widely held view at this point, and one that seems priced into Apple’s (AAPL) shares.

On the other hand, just how well Apple’s latest flagship phones will sell during the current quarter, which features the crucial holiday season, is still the subject of some debate. The outlook Apple provides here will likely have the biggest impact on how the company’s shares, as well as those of its suppliers, react following its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report.




Stocks to Trade 10-24-16 | Tuesday Edition

Short-Term Trading Momentum:

Positive the last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% higher from the open: TXN, NVDA, MOMO, TMUS

Negative last 20 and 5 trading days | closed 2% lower from the open: acad, rice, vfc, rrc, srpt, ions, twlo


Bearish Stocks to Trade: acad, vfc, rrc, gpor, agn, bmy, ions, lulu, teva, twlo, mbly, gild, rh, myl

2x Normal Volume: RAI, TMUS, UNP, PYPL, VFC, TWX

Inside days: rai, dis, etfc, twlo, unp, qcom, jnj, aa, cf, pm, coh, mos, stx, hfc, cag, xel, dltr

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