Stock Trading Today 1-19-17 | IBM Q4 Earnings Report

Today’s Trading Lesson…

Two Massive Keys to Profitable Trading

Most day traders spend too much effort finding entry signals and chart patterns and not nearly enough time as they should managing positions.

Actively, purposefully, improving your trade management skills changes everything for you. Improving you exits and stops rapidly pushes you into the black like no other aspect of trading. I owned two prop trading firms in NYC, which means I witnessed the focus most traders have.

A focus on the perfect entry. The exit gives you the money, not the entry. You probably know this already, but I’m sure you spend every waking moment between 9:30-4 focused on the exact spot to get in.

Stop today. Right now. Start focusing on trade management. The exit. The stop.

Until you can learn to exit a losing trade, place a stop correctly, manage a trade correctly, know when to trade for cash flow, and when to build a position…you will stay in the vicious cycle of “I feel close-I know everything-but I’m not making money…”

Get your focus on trade management, and the exit, and you will find your love for trading again.

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On the Tape Today...

$WDC 1-19-17

$WDC 1-19-17

WDC | Western Digital Corp $72 breakout finally triggers a new swing trade long. A healthy profit target of $85.50. If you missed the entry, use a $74 buy-stop or $72.50 limit order. Get your price or don't get in. A close on the daily chart below $72 would be the stop loss.

DG | Dollar General Corp triggers a day trade sell short with a $72 sell stop. A target of $70, maximum of $70 id the market makes a turn lower.

[VIDEO] How Professional Traders Build a List of Stocks to Trade

Stock Market Today: Heatmap of the S&P 500

$SP 500 1-19-17

$SP 500 1-19-17

Stock Market Today 1-19-17 | Thursday Edition

Apple is losing its focus again — and this time, there’s no Steve Jobs coming to the rescue

Apple was a disaster before Steve Jobs returned to the company he helped start decades earlier.

Despite the company’s success in the early 1980s with the Apple II and Macintosh computers, Apple was in big trouble by 1997. The company was hemorrhaging money. The final quarter of 1996 showed Apple’s sales had plummeted 30% from the year before.

There were simply too many products — Apple was selling a dozen versions of the Macintosh but couldn’t advertise the computers’ differences to people in simple terms. Shareholders were livid with Apple’s leadership.

Goldman Calls Disney A Buy, 2018 Film Roster ‘Might Be Best Ever’

Goldman Sachs analyst Drew Borst believes that despite the 9 percent outperformance over the past two months, Walt Disney Co DIS shares have 24 percent upside potential over the next 12 months, driven by accelerated EPS growth in FY 2018.

Facebook dismissive of censorship, abuse concerns, rights groups allege

Nearly 80 rights groups on Wednesday accused Facebook (FB.O) of “racially biased censorship” and failing to be more transparent about its removal policies and cooperation with law enforcement, adding to criticism the company has faced in recent months over its management of content on its network of 1.8 billion users.

Netflix is about to be bigger overseas than it is in the U.S.

Opinion: Big international expansion puts Netflix near tipping point for overseas subscribers outpacing domestic

Streaming content giant Netflix Inc.’s bombastic move to expand to 130 countries at once last year has led to big gains in subscribers, capped by a fourth-quarter push that puts the company on the verge of a tipping point that will make its overseas product bigger than its domestic offering.

Netflix stock soars to new high on subscriber growth

Netflix is quickly closing in on the 100 million mark for total subscribers.

Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) added 7 million members globally in the final quarter of 2016, handily beating its earlier forecast for 5.2 million new subscribers.

For the year as a whole, Netflix added a record 19 million members, up from 17.4 million in 2015. The video streaming service now has 93.8 million members.

The biggest winners and losers from Trumponomics

If President-elect Donald Trump is able to get the economy growing at a faster clip, many giants of Corporate America will benefit. But there will also be some notable losers.

The biggest beneficiaries are likely to be the companies that generate an overwhelming majority of their sales domestically.

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY close on the high very deceiving with less than 52 million shares traded.

Indecision/doji type candlesticks rule the day. I am receiving plenty of emails about a potential swing trade. Too many of them ready to initiate a short-sale.

Is the market in a range? Yes. Is the market a short. No. Not even close.

We are in day trading mode in the $SPY. But… the volume is incredibly light. Which means “clean” follow through is tough.

Be patient. The tighter the market gets, the greater the volatility on the way.

A good time to improve your stock picking ability. Watch this video for some help.

$SPY 1-19-17 Hourly Chart

$SPY 1-19-17 Hourly Chart

IBM Readies Q4 Earnings Report Amid Lengthy Turnaround Battle

Tech giant IBM (IBM) doesn’t appear to be out of the woods yet from a multiyear turnaround effort, judging by estimates for its fourth-quarter earnings slated to be released Thursday after the market close.

IBM has been undergoing a major transition that includes shedding multibillion-dollar businesses. In the past several years, Big Blue has sold off computer hardware units, reshuffled its software businesses and realigned its workforce to reduce costs as it focuses on growth areas it calls strategic imperatives: cloud computing, Big Data analytics, security, and social and mobile computing.

Why IBM could be a buy ahead of earnings

Ahead of IBM earnings on Thursday, two traders lay out their bull and bear cases for “Big Blue.”

The stock is now at a point where many “didn’t think it could go,” Tim Seymour, managing director at Triogem Asset Management, said on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.”

“Slowly, that business is being transformed. We know about the cloud business. The reliance on hardware and infrastructure — no longer,” he said. […]

IBM Breaks Innovation Record In 2016

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) continued its remarkable innovation streak after securing 8,088 U.S. patents in 2016. It marks the 24th consecutive year IBM earned the most patents of any other company.

$IBM 1-19-17 Before Earnings

$IBM 1-19-17 Before Earnings

Stocks to Trade 1-19-17 | Thursday Edition

Short-Term Trading Momentum:


Bearish Momentum: mnk, vfc, unh, jwn

Quarterly Order Flow:


Bearish Stocks to Trade:  mnk, sg, tgt, vfc, m, twlo, oxy, kss, jwn, lb

2x Normal Volume: TGT, MNK, FAST

Inside days: ms, qcom, wmb, ebay, fitb, bmy, baba, nbl, atvi, vlo, celg, hs, tsla, cat, jnpr, tjx, dhi, lvs, amgn, amzn, kors, mbly, de, cah, cien, yum, wynn

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