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If you are setting ambitious trading goals for 2016, today’s trading education provides strategies, tactics and stories that show you how to succeed.

Are you trading for more than 6 months and still struggling? You are most likely putting too much pressure on yourself to produce day-by-day and setting daily goals.

Today’s video will show you why that is the wrong path, and how to free yourself from this exhausting battle.

The continuing education is focused on solving your top trading challenges, and how to set the correct goals that make it easier to bring home consistent cash flow.

There are three stages for successful trading,

  1. New Trader: Eyes wide open and searching for a strategy.
  2. Frustrated, Break-Even Trader: Knows everything but can’t take home a check.
  3. Professional Trader: Has access to capital and wants to trade bigger.

In stages one and two we tend to focus on reducing losses, while we learn. The short term goal is deciding on a strategy.  Stage three is focused on earning more, because we have a strategy that makes money and we follow it flawlessly.

We have solutions for each stage in today’s training.

Here are some of the Stock Trading Strategies and Tactics questions answered in the video:

Challenge: Most of the stocks I enter are in obvious trends, but may be extended from moving averages.
How do I time my entry so that it is after a confirmed move, but before the price is overextended?

Goal to Achieve: Become confident in a rock solid trading strategy and be comfortable with the timing of my entries & exits.

Challenge: If I have a successful trade, when do I get out of it, assuming the price isn’t nearing resistance?

Goal to Achieve: Education. To learn as much as possible about what makes a good trade decision. Yes I would like to make money but I may not have the time to spend watching for signals to go in or out. I just want to understand and learn so that when the time comes, I will have the best understanding possible.

Challenge: How to determine if I should swing trade or day trade. How to trade with limited funds.

Goal to Achieve: To share size appropriately when entering trades. To make $1000.00 per day consistently.

tjmChallenge: To be more patient and wait for best setups. To manage my trades better.

Goal to Achieve: I have veered from my main expertise of option trading- will concentrate more on watching volume and volatility to find stock selection.

Challenge: Identifying better stops. Limit no. of stocks to watch,  find myself all of the place sometimes.

Goal to Achieve: Understanding how to swing trade more ideas.

Challenge: How to hold winners longer. I trade AMZN and GOOGL and exit good trades too soon.

Goal to Achieve: First outcome is to be profitable. Strive to follow my plan and build my month.  To max the good days and protect on the days that do not match my criteria.

Challenge: I feel I need to wait on a pullback to get a better price. At the same time, on 12/2 NFLX broke out and never looked back giving no pause let alone pullback. I know every situation is different, but driving me nuts.

Goal to Achieve: To build my share size.  Currently trading 100 shares until I can prove that I can follow my plan and ideas. Going to increase 100 shares at a time after 1.5 profitable months.

Challenge: My most important challenge is following thru on my ideas. I do my homework, I have my criteria and I still do not follow my ideas through.

Goal to achieve: Become profitable and more confident in my decisions.

Challenge: I manage to screw up most days. Friday (12.4.15) I liked the short, market was strong I told myself not to trade- I still shorted and lost. Monday I liked the long- spy was negative I told myself not to trade still not long and lost.  Today I shorted GS for a flat My second idea was OIL stocks long. Bought EOG and churned in it and made half what I should. But what was troubling was I bought and lost in FB NFLX two stocks that weren’t my ideas.

Challenge: Translating longer term information and chart action into profits intraday without losing money on intraday price action noise for example when should I expect a pullback or when should I reenter a position.

Challenge: Knowing when to trade heavier and what to do with trades that have a monster run within the first couple mins that don’t give any entry signals.

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