Stock Trading Profits How to Earn More | Podcast Episode 10

Stock Trading Profits How to Earn More

A common debate that we have in the pre-market game plan meeting is whether or not to trade a stock in a trading range.

My goal as the mentor, is to improve stock trading profits and to foster a healthy discussion about the quality of the trade scenario. A secondary goal is to do this without discouraging a trader from presenting their ideas.

This balance of mentor and tough love isn’t easy.

The stock in question, is usually a favorite of the trader. I always bring the debate back to the question, “is that your best opportunity right now?”

The trader wants to build a case to bid support and short-sell resistance.

An argument is made because there is an obvious reference point to manage risk.

A trader with this misguided thought process will find it hard to be successful. The difference between a high probability trade and well defined risk cannot be overstated.

Let’s first define high probability trade: in its simplest form, it is the odds of a profit target being achieved versus your stop loss being hit. Compare this definition to a trade justified, solely by defining risk.

Profitable traders define and accept risk in exchange for profit potential. This means, you believe the profit will be earned in exchange for accepting that risk. Defining that profit potential, by identifying institutional order flow, is the goal of today’s podcast.

The best traders take this discussion deeper with a list of criteria that confirms or reduces the conviction level of the trading idea. To struggling traders, each stock pick has equal conviction.

This is why, at best, they are break-even traders. To them, each trade is the same.

How to Improve Stock Trading Profits Without Extra Risk

A drop-dead simple method to define profit potential, is proper use of the weekly candlestick charts. Notice we are defining profit potential, not simply a profit target.

The profit potential of a stock trade is directly affected by the big money. Expressed in trading terminology, the stock is trending.

Today’s podcast and trading video provides a framework that quickly identifies a stocks profit potential. The method we describe using weekly candlestick charts gives you a clear structure for price action. Once you grasp the genius in its simplicity, you instantly reduce bad trades.

The chart discussed in the podcast and video, is a perfect illustration for you to print, and hang in your office. Order flow is either obvious, or it’s not there. If you are struggling, if your trade results seem random, you are likely trading stocks without order flow.

Download today’s podcast, watch the video and start tracking order flow from week to week.

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The Only 4 Chart Points you Need to Double Your Winning Trades.
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Candlestick Patterns that keep you in sync with the big money.
Podcast Video

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