Stock Market Crash Revisited? | Give us Your Opinion on this Chart

Is a Stock Market Crash on the Immediate Horizon?

What are your thoughts on this chart?

Many bulls say no because there is no “reason to sell…”

I’m not big on “predicting,’ I just trade what’s going on now, but this is definitely interesting enough to have a conversation.

Give us your opinion below. If you have a chart you would like to post with commentary send it over and we will add it to the discussion.


stock market crash

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Chuck Reply

According to the chart – the ‘crash’ should have occurred in April 2014. It suggests a 24% correction – back to 13,000.

    pete renzulli Reply

    Hey Chuck
    thanks so much for the comment.
    What is your take on the current market?
    Another pull-back to buy or is the selling a little more aggressive than we have seen?

      William Owen Reply

      Pete I think we are at least headed to the weekly resistance pivot of 220.38. Two things I have learned about longer term charts is that there are millions of participants in the markets, and big money loves to keep us on our toes!

Passion4Trading Reply

Pete none of what you are showing makes any sense.

Their are a gazillion divergences between the two periods. The two periods are different lengths. The dates themselves easily show the pattern “today” fails bigtime–as we know what it looks like at the end.

From a “distant”…the pattern looks SIMILAR..but then again–so do some outlines of some clouds outside right now.

Bottom line–the hard right edge is truly all we really need.

    pete renzulli Reply

    Hi Lou,
    thanks for the comment.

Bob Reply

Fundamentally depressed commodity and real estate prices offer good alternatives to what some might say is an overvalued equities market. Given the fact that sooner or later the Fed is going to tighten and there exist this monsterous Student loan and higher education bubble that is inevitably going to burst I would be on the side of caution and cash. All this brings a little validity to the chart but as technicians you trade what is in front of you.

    pete renzulli Reply

    Hey Bob.
    Thanks so much for the contribution.
    well said…

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