Stock Market Bears Face Moment of Decision

SPY ETF Chart 1-7-19

SPY ETF Chart 1-7-19

Stock Trading Ideas 1-7-19

These charts of the SPY ETF and Goldman Sachs Group (GS) show clear bearish order flow.

The bears open this week at a crossroads. Do they dump more supply on the stock market expecting continued lower prices, or do the cover shorts fueling a new rally?

The decision we need to make this week centers around conflicting forces. Bearish order flow but recent bullish momentum. If you trade order flow and follow the smart money (like I do) we are still looking for places to sell short.

Prices are below all key moving averages telling us the smart money is betting on the stock market moving lower. But was that a short-term bet? Was that bet simply on the FOMC raising interest rates?

How does this affect your trades this week?

It means the smarter trades, the high probability trades are to the down side. BUT — If your stocks are trading above the open price, let them go. Do not sell them. 

There comes a time when you must learn to wait. Wait for order flow, daily momentum and today’s price action to “be on the same page.”

So if I’m looking to sell today, I want prices to be trading below today’s open price and ideally, below Friday’s high and Friday’s close. This is my ideal situation. My “perfect trade for today.”

I’m forcing my stocks to fit this criteria, or I stay away. This is the type of game plan that separates those who get paid, from those who stay broke.

GS Goldman Sachs Chart 1-7-19

GS Goldman Sachs Chart 1-7-19

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The U.S. and China are unlikely to reach a full deal at the end of their 90-day ceasefire on tit-for-tat tariffs, but a sustained decline in markets will push President Donald Trump to close a deal, an expert told CNBC on Monday.

Washington and Beijing are meeting for trade negotiations at the vice ministerial level in the Chinese capital on Monday and Tuesday — and markets have been keeping a close watch on those developments amid growing concerns about China’s slowing economy and its impact on U.S. businesses.

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James Stack, who predicted the 2008 real estate crash and nailed last year’s housing slowdown with uncanny timing, is back with some bad news for 2019.

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And there’s a significant downside risk to housing prices if a recession takes hold.”

Last January, Stack was practically alone when he warned rising mortgage rates would expose housing’s affordability problem and “the risk that today’s highly inflated housing market will again end badly.”

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