Stock Market Awaits Election Results-CVS Earnings 11-6-18

CVS Earnings Report

CVS Earnings Report

CVS Reports Earnings Below ‘Reversion to the Mean’

Drug store giant CVS Health Corporation (CVS) set its all-time intraday high of $113.65 in July 2015 and has been below its “reversion to the mean” since the week of Nov. 4, 2016.

My definition of the “reversion to the mean” is the stock’s 200-week simple moving average, which ended last week at $86.16.

Analysts expect CVS to post earnings per share between $1.68 and $1.73 when the company reports results before the opening bell on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Investors will be listening to guidance as the pharmacy giant prepares to complete its deal to purchase healthcare insurer Aetna Inc. (AET).

What to Expect from CVS Health’s Q3 Earnings

CVS CVS Health Corp 11-6-18 Before Earnings

CVS CVS Health Corp 11-6-18 Before Earnings

Today's Trade of the Day | 11-6-18

FB Facebook showing bearish order and holding below a key support level. Whispers of the website running out of supply continue to dog the projected revenue. End of year "real estate" will raise prices as business vie for the ad space but will it be enough to boost the stock? Recent trends say no.

FB Facebook Inc 11.6.18

FB Facebook Inc 11.6.18

Stocks to Trade | Tuesday Edition 11-6-18

Bullish Cash Flow: M, VTR, SKX, KSS, WELL, PEP, FL, DKS, TOL, CPB

Bearish Cash Flow: atvi, penn, i, aptv, bwa

New 20 Day Breakout: M, PEP, DKS, NVS, MCD, COST, ICE, WMT, PG, JNJ, KNX

New 20 Day Breakdown: aapl, syy, wtw, seas

Double Normal Volume: PX, SBUX, ATVI, SYY, NFX, CL, AXL, WTW

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Tape Reading the SPY ETF

SPY ETF smack in the middle of 2018's trading range ahead of the mid-term elections. Very little edge here but the volatility after today's results should lead to some excellent cash flow trades.

Patience for obvious trades keeps you in the game. The current conditions are setting up some nice two-way trading through Thanksgiving.

SPY ETF Chart 11.6.18

SPY ETF Chart 11.6.18

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