How to Achieve Your Wildest Trading Goals

Today’s podcast is for serious traders who paid their dues and are ready to create wealth…

The steps to become a professional trader are easy to find. The challenge, is finding someone who can show you how to apply them.

Today I’d like to join you in that journey.

Many people, many smart, hard working folks like yourself, have chased the dream of the trader lifestyle.

You believe deep down you can get there on your own. But reality sets in after months or years of hard work and you’re still producing break-even results.

Overwhelmed is how you feel. You turn to books, friends, forums and chat rooms and yet you still can’t understand why you haven’t turned the corner. At this point big dreams are a distant goal and you have downgraded the dream to a reliable monthly income.

You’ve created a never-ending loop you can’t escape from.

Steps to Become a Professional Trader

First let’s define “professional.”

It means you are taking trading seriously. You don’t need to be full-time but you are obsessed with the market and you aren’t stopping until you get what you want.

That’s a professional. Obsessed, driven and committed.

Here are the proven steps:

  • Get Core Knowledge or street smarts. Get clear on what you know and what you need to learn. Get clear that there is a difference between knowledge and skills. Too many traders believe knowing how to trade is the atmp bfsame as knowing how to make money. It’s not.
  • Set short-term goals. Screw where you want to be in 5 years as a trader. Have an idea of what that looks like but what can you do now? What can you set out to accomplish this month that would make the biggest impact?
  • Get better at reading order flow, the big money. Then get better at finding trades that have sufficient profit potential in exchange for the risk. A stock could be a great buy, but it may not be a great buy now. Learn the difference or you will never get past break-even.
  • Learn multiple time-frame analysis. If you’re only looking at one chart of your stock you don’t have an edge.
  • Pick one or two entry signals at the most. You don’t need them all. Pick one.
  • Learn to read the market. William O’Neill of IBD shows statistics that 38% of your stocks movement is influenced by the general market.
  • Make candlestick analysis simple. I teach the only 4 candles you need to know. Be a trader, not a PHD in candlesticks.
  • Learn how to manage winning trades. Exiting a losing trade is easy. See the spot and get out. Holding the winners, knowing when to scale into more or exit into momentum is a skill.
  • Learn how to identify accumulation and distribution on the daily charts. Learn to read the charts deeper. Learn to read the foot prints of big money so you can anticipate instead of react.
  • Commit to a strategy, an edge. Pick one and master it. Let everything else on the tape go and only trade your edge.
  • Once you have your edge, learn to trust it and think in terms of probabilities. Don’t over-analyze every trade. Trade flawlessly but judge results over time.

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