QCOM Versus AAPL – China Court Battle 12-11-18

QCOM Qualcomm

QCOM Qualcomm

Apple vs Qualcomm: How can one US company block another in China?

The ban of some Apple iPhones in China shows that intellectual property rights are still determined by national borders.

Qualcomm announced Monday that a court in China — the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court — had granted the chipmaker’s request for two preliminary injunctions against four of Apple’s Chinese subsidiaries for patent infringement.

The two patents cover the ability to adjust and reformat photographs, and navigate through applications with a touchscreen.


QCOM Qualcomm Inc 12-11-18

QCOM Qualcomm Inc 12-11-18

Trading Podcast of the Day | 12-11-18

If you’re a trader who always feels close, but can’t push through to profitability, today’s episode is for you.

You may feel like “I know everything but I can’t make a dime. It always seems like I take three steps forward and two steps back.” If you’re tired of this conversation, if you’re tired of looking for the next shiny tactic, if you’re ready to understand WHY you can’t get beyond break-even, today you get your answer.

You don’t need to learn something new. You need to understand simple math and how it only takes ten trades to see the path to success.

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Stock Trading Ideas Tuesday 12-11-18

Bullish Cash Flow: EQT, AVGO, EXEL, OKTA, W, ETSY, CLVS, DKS

Bearish Cash Flow: crc, apa, stne, trgp, vlo, hfc, bby, tlry, pru, aptv, kors, len, gild

Bullish Breakouts: WEC, ED

Bearish Breakouts: crc, apa, trgp, vlo, hfc, oxy, pru cbs, cma, c, hes, kors, apc, jpm, pnc, mo, ms, etfc, aig, cvs, ups, axp, ccl, cvx, cof

Double Average Volume: BX, BHP, ARMK, YELP

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Tape Reading the SPY ETF

SPY ETF and the stock market found buyers as we expected yesterday. Now what? Do you get long at support looking for a test of the top of the trading range?

Looks like a solid trade idea but what is the catalyst for the buying pressure? What would spur a new wave of order flow? Possibly the FOMC decision, but it's not until next week. So what's the trade for the next few days?

Here's my game plan: The stock market hates indecision. With Brexit, France turmoil, potential legal troubles for "Individual 1" and vicious bearish volume, my bias remains bearish. The great trading range of 2018 continues but I don't see any good reason to get long. No reason on the charts and no reason in the news.

Am I say to sell short? Yes and no. Depends on your time frame. Day traders who can make quick decisions have multiple options, especially with the VIX in the mid 20's. Swing traders need to be smart and wait for ideas with higher trade expectation.

SPY ETF Chart 12-12-18

SPY ETF Chart 12-12-18

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