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PYPL Paypal Holdings

PYPL Paypal Holdings Trades Into New Highs

PayPal Is Brilliant and the Stock Is Going Higher: Jim Cramer Reveals Why

Shares of PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL) are up more than 40% in 2017 and the stock is adding to those gains Wednesday, up more than 3%. The critics used to say Visa (V) would crush PayPal. Then MasterCard (MA) , Wells Fargo (WFC) , JPMorgan (JPM) and Alphabet (GOOGL) , TheStreet’s founder Jim Cramer, who also manages the Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust portfolio, said on CNBC’s “Mad Dash” segment. 

None of them did and now they’re all partners, he said, adding that investors can now count the behemoth Apple (AAPL) as a partner as well. On Wednesday, PayPal CEO Bill Ready said Apple Music, its App Store and iTunes will begin accepting PayPal as payment options. The rollout will begin in Mexico and Canada and be an option in the U.S. soon.

PayPal closes at record high after Apple partnership

Shares of PayPal Holdings Inc. closed at a record high Wednesday after the company announced a partnership with Apple Inc. Under the terms of the partnership, customers can use PayPal PYPL, +3.27% to buy items in Apple’s App Store, Apple Music, iTunes and iBooks on all Apple AAPL, +0.14% devices.

The option rolled out Wednesday across 11 countries, including the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia. Shares of PayPal closed at $56.55 after reaching an intraday high of $57.44. PayPal shares have been climbing recently, with shares gaining 34% in the past three months, compared with the S&P SPX, +0.73% gain of 4.3%.

PayPal Holdings Invests in LendUp — What Investors Need to Know

Late last month, LendUp, an online lender that aims to provide quality credit to the financially underprivileged, announced it had secured a strategic investment from PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL). The press release did not disclose the amount of the investment or the terms of the deal, but the partnership appears to be even deeper than the invested funds. 

The investment appears to simultaneously scratch two itches for PayPal. First, PayPal’s management has been very open with its belief that the company is well-positioned to assist the world’s underbanked population. Second, PayPal has long insisted it needs to offer a full suite of payment options to customers if it is going to be a leader in the payments industry.

PYPL-Paypal Holdings 7-13-17

PYPL-Paypal Holdings 7-13-17

On the Tape Today | 7-13-17

TWTR-Twitter Inc 7-13-17

TWTR-Twitter Inc 7-13-17

TWTR-Twitter Inc showing some promise for a new leg of bullish order flow, only a promise, but worth keeping in your tracking journal. The increase in volume, well-bid candlesticks, and gap into resistance sets up an interesting pause.

Looking for a 3-5 day consolidation at the $19.50 level and then a fuel candlestick taking it above $20. If we see that and close above that level the next day, an interesting trade sets up. You get new buyers placing bids and short sellers at the resistance triggering a stop loss---creating more buying. The breakout could be fun. Some minor resistance at $21, and then a ride to $25. Stay tuned.



SPY ETF Chart 7-13-17

SPY ETF Chart 7-13-17

Trading the SPY ETF

stock trading mentorThe stock market bounced back hard and smashed bids in the face of Trump haters. Trump or not, fighting the order flow is a losing game.

It’s so much easier to earn a consistent living by asking a simple question: “Is it obvious?”

Too many of us want to get cute and pick a top or a bottom, or chase the current momentum. I’ve made money trading momentum back in the day, but it’s exhausting. Momentum in the direction of order flow is a different trade setup.

I can’t tell you how many coaching students are frustrated right now. Yes the market can be choppy, but we chose this. We chose the ups and doesn’t in exchange for the freedom and unlimited upside potential.

If this is you, change your mindset or it will be very challenging to deal with adversity or a slow market. Think long-term and “running a business.” If you manage risk and expectations on slow days, you don’t throw your main asset away because you’re bored.

Then when you get a day like yesterday, in the direction of the order flow, you end the week net positive.

I’m not saying it’s easy to be patient, easy to not get frustrated. BUT…what I am saying — is that it’s the ONLY way to be a successful trader.

Leave a comment if you need some help.


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