Ed Ponsi Swing Trading Strategies Three Part Video Series

Swing Trading with Ed Ponsi: Learn the “Sweet Spot” Strategy

In this FREE video series I am going to teach you a system to make money as a swing trader and help you preserve your sanity from information overload.

Our goal is to help you develop new streams of income for yourself and your family.

The goal of swing trading is cash flow…

Earning monthly take-home money that pays the bills, extra money to create the freedom you want. Buy and hold is broken and day trading is a losing battle against computers.

In this three part video series, I teach you the basics, and how to avoid the mistakes that cost swing traders a small fortune each year.

Here are some highlights of the swing trading video series:

  • Take the guess-work and stress out of trading. I’ve developed a technique to tell me exactly where to get in and where to get out. This makes the system easy for you to follow. You will learn to believe in the strategy.
  • When to let your winners run. I show you how this is done and I give you a quick example. Learn to earn more when the odds are stacked in your favor.
  • Why it’s impossible to win on every trade and why its not necessary to be successful. Don’t worry about losing as long as you learn to lose properly-like a pro!

Swing Trading Video #1

What makes a successful swing trader? Learn how simple fundamentals teach you which stocks to consider. Technical analysis shows you exactly when to buy and sell. A laptop or tablet is all you need to look for opportunity.

Swing Trading Video #2

New streams of income for yourself and your family, if you are like most traders I speak to, this is the primary goal is to achieve. In this lesson I teach you how to overcome one of the most important obstacles on your path to successful swing trading- holding the good trades longer. Learn to relax and let your profits grow.

Swing Trading Video #3

When a stock is trending the big money is active. Going with the trend is going to increase your chance of success. In this video we answer the question “how do I know that something is trending?” and “How do I know which trend to follow?”

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