Mentor Room for Beginner Traders

Beginner Stock Traders Will Learn Faster with Real Time Mentoring

Profitable trading has a learning curve. Everyone will eventually pay the market to understand when the odds are stacked in your favor. How much this costs to learn is up to you.

To improve quicker, you want the opportunity to ask questions in real time. This is the promise of our mentoring process. We encourage you to speak up so you learn.

  • Ask questions before the market opens about the list of stocks you want to trade. We will review your thought process.
  • When is it important to look at gold? When is oil the key market driver? What does it mean to the market when the dollar declines? You need to know these answers to become a complete trader, they are discussed as part of the mentoring process.
  • Ask questions when you are in a trade. We will review the quality of the idea. This helps you learn to make better decisions on your own.
  • Ask questions when we review the day. His helps you develop scenarios for the next trade. You will have the confidence because you are prepared.

Mentor Room Orientation Guide

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