Market Analysis Mastery

A Proven Method to Stack the Odds in Your Favor...

It’s Time to move Beyond Your Stock…

Winning Market Analysis is about trading bigger, and seeing when to trade for cash flow.

Most traders hesitate and lack conviction. I can see why, they risk money with half of the story. Trading is challenging when you’e missing a piece of the puzzle.

Skilled Market Analysis eliminates all doubts and shows you clear relative strength or weakness so you can spend time in the right stocks. Late entries are less nerve-wracking because a better market, makes better trades.

How Market Analysis Improves Your P&L

Most traders mess up the trade between entry and exit, their trade management is average at best. This produces break-even traders.

This course is a three step system that reduces trade management indecision. Your next trade will be defined before you enter. The system shows you when the odds of follow-through are greater. Or when you should be in cash.

If it did nothing more than keep you out of bad trades, what would that be worth each and every month?

The specific charts and indicators taught in the course, are easy to set up. It will only take you  a few days to apply them like a pro. Because of this you get results quickly, there is a quick learning curve to benefit from the system.

Imagine your next trade. How would you manage that trade, if you could identify big-money was buying or selling? What if you knew the big-money was gone?

This advanced insight, sets your trade expectation. This means you understand when institutions are active. This elevates you from break-even.

Experienced traders develop a “feel” for the market. This level of depth is what they experience, this is what they mean. Professionals have a trading dashboard that shows enhanced reasons to hold or exit a trade. This is a deeper level  of trading you know, but don’t quite understand yet.

The pros know trading is more than simple price action. Now you know too.

How the Three Step System Works…

What if you had a snapshot of the major indices, that gives you the trend, the current momentum and which stage of the price action phase the market is in? (accumulation, distribution, mark-up or mark-down)

Component #1 anticipates extremes of market momentum, and gives triggers for a potential change of order flow (big money activity).

Component #2 provides a reading of the price/volume relationship for all traded stocks. It tells you when price is moving higher or lower with increasing volume (which means you can expect a continuation).

When price is directional, but lacks volume, Indicator #2 shows you when to avoid holding longer or entering. This one signal alone is worth 10X the price of the training.

Component #3 influences share size and risk management. Changes in volatility influence and alter your share size. Imagine knowing the correct share size, every trade- based on market conditions and the correct risk.

Think about that, an indicator that tells you how to adjust share size properly…

Included in Your Market Analysis Course:

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Logical Proof and Reasons to Hold Good Trades Longer:

Detailed examples and market conditions that vividly explain the setups and how to interpret the readings in real-time.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Sixty Seven Minutes of Video Training:

Four sections demonstrating the correct charts and most effective time frames to analyze the markets. Because the setup is simple, within ninety minutes you get a return on investment.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

PDF Version of the Course Slides:

Print out and learn the textbook scenarios, trends and reference points that result in better trade management.

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