LULU-Lululemon Athletica Earnings | Stocks to Trade 6-1-17

LULU Lululemon Earnings

LULU Lululemon Earnings After the Stock Market Close

Lululemon Earnings: Is Now The Time To Pull The Trigger?

Lululemon (NASDAQ:LULU) reports earnings this Thursday after the closing bell. The company has entered my radar as a niche clothing retailer that has performed relatively well, despite the occasional hiccup, while the stock’s valuation has finally come down to levels that some might consider reasonable.

3 Big Questions as Lululemon Reports Earnings

The pressure is on for Lululemon, which will report its first quarter earnings on Thursday. The yoga-wear chain has struggled since shoppers rejected its colorless clothes earlier in the year. Shares have fallen 26% in 2017. But Lululemon says it fixed its design problems, introducing more colorful clothes and even a high-tech bra. Here are three things to look for in its earnings release and the conference call afterwards:

What Not to Miss in Lululemon’s Earnings Report

On today’s “The Numbers Don’t Lie,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu takes a look at Lululemon Athletica Inc. ahead of earnings. She speaks on “What’d You Miss?” (Source: Bloomberg)
LULU Lululemon Chart Before Earnings 6-1-17

LULU Lululemon Chart Before Earnings 6-1-17

Today’s Trading Lesson…

The Traders Path

stock trading mentorMy journey wasn’t easy, but my goal is to make yours so. The losses, the challenges and the lessons were expensive. Time was easily the greatest expense.

Through these pages I hope that my payments to the market Gods become your rewards. Through my passion, my empathy and my experience, I seek to crunch the cost and time of your learning curve by 200%.

Your greatest obstacle as you journey the traders path is the truth. I have mentored traders since 2003 and the main reason most remain amateurs, is a reluctance to admit where they are starting.

A denial about their resources is the main culprit.

This journey is not just about risk capital. It’s about “screen time,” how much you already have and how much you plan to give.

It’s about risk tolerance. It’s about previous education, it’s about investing in continuing education. It’s about having an open mind to learn from mistakes.

The market gives us valuable feedback. Most don’t listen until its too late. Through these pages I will show you the brilliant simplicity of tape reading. The tape knows everything. It’s never wrong. If you’re struggling, the tape will show you what’s missing.

The only barrier between you and anything a trader could desire is one simple fact: Your trading today is the result of what you see, not what you know. Something so important yet misunderstood.

We spend our days searching for the one thing that’s missing. But everything we tried fell short. And so we buy another book or read another blog, or even attempt to see a trading psychologist! Some finally give up and doubt it’s possible.

The answer you seek, the great mystery, is to simply understand what’s on the tape. Read More == >

On the Tape Today | 6-1-17

BBY-Best Buy Chart 6-1-17

BBY-Best Buy Chart 6-1-17

BBY-Best Buy chart offering up a nice consolidation so we switch strategies and look for an increase in volatility today. Although the obvious direction here would be long, we are not going in with a bias. Today we are looking for a trend day, out of consolidation. This means wait for a break of yesterday's range and hold to the close. 

DFS Accumulation 6-1-17

DFS Accumulation 6-1-17

DFS-Discover Financial showing accumulation. Massive volume in a short window of price action means money is changing from weak hands to smart hands. Position traders looking for a swing trade can expect the stock to rally into the $66 area. Waiting for a bullish close with increased volume to enter.


SPY ETF Chart 6-1-17

SPY ETF Chart 6-1-17

Tape Reading the SPY ETF

$SPY price action appeared to drop another dud, but it gave us a warning.

The first sign of distribution arrived on Wednesday May 31, 2017.  For new traders a higher volume day without volatility is boring… a day to complain about “getting chopped up.” But these experienced eyes are telling you something happened. Something big.

Stock market reversals don’t happen in one day, but the clues are obvious when you know what to look for. The easy ones to spot arrive in the form of exhaustion. Fast parabolic moves in price action, large red or green candlesticks and a huge spike in volume on the last two candles.

Yesterday was sneaky, but we caught it. Volume wasn’t monstrous, but it crept up into the 90 million area. Not huge, but noticeable.

Let the games begin. Keep an eye on the $VIX. If it finally starts to grind higher, look to game plan wider swings, hold longer and expect the stock market to trade lower. Yesterday’s heavier volume pause was only one day, but a welcome sight.

Stock Market Today: 

stocks performance 6-1-17

stocks performance 6-1-17

List of Stocks to Trade | Thursday June 1, 2017

Bullish Momentum

Bearish Momentum
cc, gs, dks

Bullish Order Flow

Bearish Order Flow
kors, gs, dks, oxy, cof, apa, jwn, dvn, trip, eqt, vlo, clr, twlo, celg, akam, cvx, nfx, apc, dfs, cop, bhi, tsco, lulu, slb

2 X Normal Volume

Inside Days
ge, momo, aig, phm, bby, ups, wy, vlo, wba, tjx, cag, fslr, dish

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