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KBH-KB Home Scheduled to Report Earnings Today

Will KB Home (KBH) Surprise its Investors in Q2 Earnings?

KB Home (KBH ) , one of the top builders in the U.S., is scheduled to report second-quarter fiscal 2017 results on Jun 27, after the closing bell. The homebuilder delivered a positive earnings surprise of 7.14% in the last quarter. Also, the company surpassed estimates in each of the trailing four quarters, resulting in an average positive surprise of 7.30%.

Let’s see how things are shaping up prior to this announcement. KB Home’s strategic initiatives, which include increasing community count, achieving higher revenue per community and higher profitability per unit, and increasing asset efficiency and return on capital invested, have started paying off since 2015.


How Much Farther Can KB Home (KBH) Stock REALLY Go?

KBH stock is up 43% year-to-date, but the legitimacy of that rally will be tested on Tuesday afternoon. In November 2016, things didn’t look pretty for home-builder stocks. A confluence of headwinds really weighed on the sector. Economists were calling for an economic recession, home-builder activity dropped due to adverse weather conditions, mortgage rates rose as inflation expectations picked up and renting remained the Millennial fad.

But that sell-off in home-builder stocks proved to be a buying opportunity. Home-builder stocks have roared higher in 2017 as interest rates have remained low, unemployment has contracted, wages have grown, builder confidence has soared and Millennials have started buying homes.


KBH-KB Home Chart Before Earnings 6-27-17

KBH-KB Home Chart Before Earnings 6-27-17

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On the Tape Today | 6-27-17

AMGN-Amgen Inc Chart 6-27-17

AMGN-Amgen Inc Chart 6-27-17

AMGN-Amgen Inc showing a solid pause after establishing new bullish order flow. Game planning a new swing trade long with a $174.50 buy stop. Initial profit target to sell @ $181.75.  Stop loss for the trade comes in on a close below $172.


SPY ETF 60 Minute Chart 6-27-17

SPY ETF 60 Minute Chart 6-27-17

The stock market trading range continues to frustrate active equity traders. (Anyone telling you different is full of beans)

From a pure technical perspective a light volume pause is healthy for a continuation. The challenge for many stock traders is making a living in this land of doji candlesticks. Stocks closing near the open price with regularity leads to hesitating and doubt.

You are most likely trading disciplined. You’re taking every trade according to your plan.


With each new small stop loss you start to lose confidence. To quote my ex-girlfriend, “it’s not you, it’s me…”

In this challenging market, a market that seems to have forgotten what momentum is, I advise you to fight the urge to rethink your trading plan. Sometimes the stock market simply doesn’t have much to offer. That reality sucks but it’s what we have today.

You might think lowering share size will make it all better, it won’t. Trading fewer shares or contracts doesn’t make the opportunity better. You might be tempted to execute a tighter stop loss. That won’t change the quality of the idea either.

You either like the trade, or you don’t. If you don’t, stay in cash. It only takes a couple of good days at the end of the month to hit your goals, provided you were smart and didn’t dig yourself a hole.

Stock Market Today: 

Stocks Performance 6-27-17 by finviz

Stocks Performance 6-27-17 by finviz.com

Stocks to Trade | 6-27-17 Tuesday Edition


Bullish Momentum: CAR, CARA, EXEL, EQT, CVS, RICE, RH

Bearish Momentum: aaoi, amat, lrcx, txn



Bearish Order Flow: hds, clr, fl, nfx, rspp, dvn, apc, bbby, dltr, hes, trgp, rost, slca, hal, trip, tjx, dks, slb, tgt, apa

Double Normal Volume: CAR, BBBY, COST, DLTR, GRUB, CARA, OKE

Inside Day: orcl, c, kr, mat, bmy, hal, low, dow, pg, abbv, celg, phm, wdc, fl, aa, yelp, nov, clr, nue, ma, bhi, cl, dhr, bhi

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