trading podcast 11-26-15

How Winning Traders Think Differently

Today’s education comes from our podcast Six-Figure Trading  and we touch on something that is an urgent issue that doesn’t get enough attention.

The conversation starts something like this, “I know everything, but can’t make money…”

“I see the patterns, I understand the routing, I understand the setups, and I understand risk/reward. I’m looking at everything, I know everything exactly what I’m supposed to be looking at, and I’m just not converting it into money.

And then the emails that we get as a follow-up are basically insinuating, I got stopped out of my ideas today, and I’m probably the only person on Wall Street who got stopped out of my ideas.

And I want to get to the point where you have some sort of a framework or a thought process or a structure to help you get the results that you want, crossing that abyss to consistency.”

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