How to be a Great Trader?

The Greatest Traders

To be a great trader is hard. Real trading is stressful and difficult. Real trading will physically drain you. One day your emotions will soar as you watch your positions turn profitable and go up, the next day, you will plummet to the depths of despair as those profits vanish away.

So what makes you think you can be a great trader? The market is littered with the bodies of those who bought high and sold low. Its littered with those who thought they could beat the market with the latest technical indicator that has worked for the past few years.  Everyone is looking for the holy grail of trading. Everyone is looking for that fool proof get rich quick system or method that can you make you more money then you can imagine. I have news for you, the don’t exist.

You think you can succeed in the toughest market of all? What makes you different then anyone else?

The holy grail answer is simple………. its YOU!!!!

You are a unique individual, there is nobody else like you in this world. Your genetic makeup, your background, your psychology are all unique. they have made you what you are today. The values that your hold are those that have been instilled in you through your upbringing. Your world is, your perspective on life has been molded and created by your parents, family and friends. Teachers have showed you the way, the paths.

Your Idea of risk will be yours alone to have, manage and improve. This will help you become the Greatest Trader….

Good Luck

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