GOOGL Alphabet Facing Multi Billion EU Fine 7-11-18


GOOGL-Alphabet Inc

Alphabet’s Google to Suffer ‘Multibillion’ EU Fine

Shares of Alphabet (GOOGL) are down $1.80 to $1,165.48, following a report a short while ago by Dow Jones’s Valentina Pop and Sam Schechner stating that the European Union is planning to issue a “multibillion” fine…

…perhaps more than two billion Euros, against the company’s Google unit after concluding that Google “illegally abused the dominance of its Android operating system,” citing multiple unnamed sources.

The scrutiny of Google’s Android operating-system platform has been ongoing for some years now. The prospect of Google being forced to divest Android had been floated in the past year as one potential outcome.

Google leans more on algorithms for ads as critics highlight risks

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google introduced new ad-buying tools on Tuesday that showcase its growing push to allow machines instead of humans to fine-tune ads and determine where they should run.

Advertisers have welcomed the advanced software, which could encourage them to spend more on Google as it makes more efficient use of their money.

But consumer privacy and technology analysts are watching the shift with concern and a push for more regulatory scrutiny may be coming.

In Europe, the month-old General Data Protection Regulation requires end users to consent to being the subject of some forms of automated decision making.

The rule also requires transparency about data involved and an effort to prevent bias, though what is covered is likely to be litigated.

GOOGL Alphabet In 7-11-18

GOOGL Alphabet In 7-11-18

Day Trading Lesson of the Day - Reset With the 60 Minute Chart

The current stock market price action became heaven for day traders. Plenty of volatility and easy to read intra-day charts. During my coaching calls with new students, I have found some traders not prepared to make confident decisions.

Assuming you come into the day know if you want to be long or short, try this trick using the 60 minute chart to avoid buying or selling at the wring time. Unless this chart aligns as described in the video, you should not look for an entry signal. When the hourly chart lines up with your daily bias, powerful easy trade unfold.

Stocks to Trade | Wednesday Edition 7-11-18


Bullish Momentum: PEP, PG, SRE

Bearish Momentum: htz, huya, dk, mtch, htht, jd, tal, okta

Double Normal Volume: PEP, HUYA, JWN

Inside Days: twtr, fb, dal, aal, nrg, nwl, vrx, pypl, hrb, afl, ntnx, kors, skx, kss, ea, tmus

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Tape Reading the SPY ETF

SPY ETF Chart 7-11-18

SPY ETF Chart 7-11-18


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